Twelfth Cyber Legion Cybermen

A Good Man Goes To War Cyberman

In A Good Man Goes to War a new army of Cybermen were shown monitoring an area of space near Demons Run.

The Twelfth Cyber Legion Cybermen are identical in design to the Cybermen created by John Lumic, the only difference is that the Cybus logo has been replaced by a solid circular panel.

It is unknown whether these are Cybermen from Mondas or a mix between Mondas and Cybus Cybermen. The same design of Cybermen were seen a few thousand years earlier on Earth, in 2011 a group of surviving Cybermen were reawakened from their crashed spaceship.

A Good Man Goes To War Damaged Cyberman Cyberman Panel


These Cybermen appeared in the 2011 stories A Good Man Goes To War and Closing Time.

The Cybermen

You know us, you are the Doctor.
Twelfth Cyber Legion Cybermen

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