Enemies of the Cybermen


Enemies of the Cybermen

Below are some of the alien races that the Cybermen have encountered and gone to war against.

  • CryonsThe Cybermen invaded the Cryons home planet as it had huge refrigeration cities which the Cybermen needed to survive.

  • HumansThe Cybermen were originally human. The Cybermen want to upgrade all humans to increase their population.

  • VogansThe Cybermen were involved in a long and costly war against the Vogans as their planet had large amounts of gold which is harmful to them.

  • DaleksThe Cybermen proposed an alliance with the Daleks but they refused. The Daleks claimed that they could wipe out the Cybermen race with just one Dalek.

The Daleks

Outline resembles the inferior species known as Cy-ber-men

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