Jo Jones – The Doctors Companion

Jo Jones - The Doctors Companion

A brief history of Jo Grant

During the 1970′s Jo worked for U.N.I.T and was assigned to help the Doctor. When Jo and the Doctor first met she accidently ruined an important experiment by mistaking it for a fire. Even though they didn’t get off to a great start Jo soon became a great companion and friend of the Doctors.

In her first story she was unfortunate to meet both the Master and Autons. Below is a clip from the story “Terror of the Autons” where the Doctor discovers the Masters TARDIS.

Jo has met several of the Doctors enemies including the Daleks, the Sea Devils (cousins of the Silurians), the Master and the Ice Warriors.

Like Sarah Jane, Jo knows the Doctor can change his appearance as she has met the 1st, 2nd and 3rd incarnations of the Doctor.

Jo Grant left the Doctor in the story “The Green Death” she met and fell in love with Professor Clifford Jones. At the end of the story Jo agreed to marry the professor and go with him to the Amazon.

Jo Jones

In the 2010 series of The Sarah Jane Adventures Jo Jones was reunited with the Doctor and met Sarah Jane Smith for the first time. It was revealed Jo was married to Professor Clifford Jones and now had a family.

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