The Carnival of Monsters

Doctor Who Live - The Carnival of Monsters

Doctor Who the Carnival of Monsters

Doctor Who Live was a continuation of the 1973 story Carnival of Monsters.

The Miniscope

Vorg’s MiniscopeThe picture on the left is Vorg’s Miniscope that he won at the Great Wallarian Exhibition in a game of chance.

The Miniscope is a machine capable of minimising creatures and their environments. It then keeps the creatures trapped in their own sections inside the machine. The 3rd Doctor explained that the Miniscopes were banned by the Time Lords because of the cruelty involved. The picture above shows the TARDIS growing because it’s been taken out of the Miniscopes compression field.

Carnival of Monsters Facts

  • Vorg used to work at Tellurian fairgrounds, he assumes the Doctor is also a showman.
  • Ian Marter who played companion Harry Sullivan appears as John Andrews in this story.
  • This was the 2nd and last time during the Third Doctor’s era that the Cybermen appeared.
  • This was the first time that the Doctor had been allowed to travel freely since his exile was lifted.
  • Ogrons, Cybermen, Drashigs and Tellurians were shown to be inside the Miniscope.

Doctor Who Live

Vorg’s MiniscopeIn Doctor Who Live the machine is referred to as a Minimiser and is strapped to Vorgenson’s arm. Vorgenson is Vorgs son and hopes to meet the Doctor one day.

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