Blood of the Cybermen Act 1


Blood of the Cybermen Act 1

The Doctor and Amy arrive at the Arctic Circle. They must find out who sent the distress signal. This page may contain spoilers

Below is a guide for the level.

Go over to the cliff edge near the Skidoo

Keep climbing down the cliff edges until you get to the Skidoo rider

Go to the riders bag and pick up his Mess Caddie, then go over to the rope and throw it to Amy

After Amy has fixed the rope to the Skidoo you have to go over to the far wall where the water is running down and select the Mess Caddie item

Go over to the rider and give him the water

The cliff edge collapses so you have to find an alternative way back to the Tardis

The route is fairly straightforward, you just need to keep following it around

You will need to push the block of ice in front of you so it forms a bridge for the rider.

Be careful of the moving ice floes! Wait until they are together before moving onto them.

Use the sonic screwdriver to weaken the block of ice so it forms another bridge.

Connect the Sat Nav to the Tardis