Blood of the Cybermen Act 2


Blood of the Cybermen Act 2

Back at the base the Doctor and Amy must find the survivors and stop others from coming near the base. This page may contain spoilers

Below is a guide for the level.

Go over to the Base door.

Go to one of the generators and close the wheel to close the valve.

Go to one of the wheel at the end of the generator and turn it as the Cyber slave walks past.

Use the Keycard you picked up from the Cyber slave to open the door.

There is a room to the left which a Cybermat in it. Use the Sonic Screwdriver to scare away the Cybermat. After the Cybermat has gone go to the laptop.

Go out of the Cybermat room. Keep going forward, there is a door on the left which you can now open.

After you’ve spoken to the professor go to the room at the back of the base. On one of the shelves you’ll find a distress beacon that will help disable the Cybermats

You’ll need to align the two signals to get it to work

Go to the room where the Cyber Slave was originally standing guard. In here is a ventilation duct that the Cybermats are using.

When Amy gets into the room next door, you’ll need to avoid the Cyber Slave! Pull down the wires hanging from the roof, then go to the control panel near the door.

When the Cyber Slave is under the wires turn the power on. In the corner of the room there is a Nano-synthesizer which you will need to pick up for the professor.

You need to fix the radio. Go outside and ask Mr Chrisholm where you can find a capacitor for the radio

The lockers are next to the radio room. Take the capacitor to the radio and warn the others not to come.

A cut scene shows the Doctor and Amy giving the antidote to Mr Chrisholm.