City of the Daleks Act 2


City of the Daleks Act 2

You must explore the Dalek city and find out how the Daleks altered time. This page may contain spoilers

Below is a guide for the level.

You are now on Skaro in the city Kaalann.

Use the sonic to examine the Dalek head.

You will have to remove the Daleks internal sensor. The sensor will allow you to open doors.

You will need to find some Dalekanium Coil and a Kontron Crystal to make a Chronon Blocker. Go out of the room and turn left. The room that follows is full of Daleks. There are two corridors in front, go to the Left one.

Make sure you keep to the sides so that the Daleks can’t see you. On the left there is a door you have to go through. If the Dalek sees you the door will lock for a while.

Keep going until you come to a door you can’t open.

On the left are some boxes, walk towards them.

One is a different colour which you can push to get through.

By the wall are some more boxes, one is a different colour which you can push so that its next to the others. You can then climb onto it.

Keep climbing until you get to the Dalek production facility room.

On the table is a Kontron Crystol.

Pick up the Kontron Crystol.

Use the Sonic Screwdriver to open the door.

When you get back to the Dalek room go left. Wait until the Dalek has its back turned to pass it.

On the back wall is another door.

Open the first door on the left.

In this room near the back is the Dalekanium Coil

Take your time getting back to Amy.

Go back the same way you came avoiding the Daleks

To assemble the Chronon Blocker you need to move two components through the energy forcefield.

Once you have assembled the Chronon Blocker go out the room and go through the door on the right.

In this room there is one Dalek, if you keep to one side avoiding the sensor you should be ok.

At the end of the room there is a door on the right. When you go through the door you will enter the visualiser room. There will be a cut scene explaining what to do next. If you keep to the far right you should be fine, avoiding the eye.

Go to the first console and follow the instructions.

Once you have completed the first challenge keep close to the back wall until you get to the next console.

When the eye is scanning the other side of the room walk to the last console.

When you have completed the last challenge the eye gets destroyed.

Go through the door to the right of the eye and enter the lift.

A cut scene shows the Daleks capturing the Doctor and Amy then taking them to the Dalek Emperor.

You will need to ask some questions, it doesn’t matter which questions you ask first.

The Dalek Emperor.

The Doctor and Amy run into the Eye of Time.