Amy needs to restore power to the TARDIS and get the Doctor back!
This page may contain spoilers

Below is a guide for the level.

The Doctor gets pulled out of the TARDIS, you as Amy need to restore power and get the Doctor back.

Amy has to go to the TARDIS console and pull the two red levers.

After the power is restored, an oxygen bubble is created around the TARDIS. The Doctor tells Amy to go to the drawing room and search for something that can be used as a tractor beam.

As Amy goes up the stairs she ends up back in the console room. You then have to talk to the Doctor, he explains the internal structure of the TARDIS has been altered.

The Doctor says that you need to make sure all the levers are pointing upwards to fix the structure. After this is done you can go up the stairs into the drawing room.

As you move towards the end of the room a cut scene shows the TARDIS shaking and a secret cupboard door opens behind a clock. When you pick up the Laser Screwdriver inside the cupboard something falls out smashing on the floor releasing the ‘Entity’.

When you get back to the console room you’ll need to use the Laser Screwdriver to configure the tractor beam.

To connect the screwdriver to the TARDIS you’ll need to connect the coloured wires.

You’ll need to move the controls so that the tractor beam will work.