TARDIS Act 2 and 3


TARDIS Act 2 and 3

The Doctor and Amy get split up, the Doctor needs to work out what’s going on.
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Below is a guide for the level.

The Doctor and Amy get split up. When the Doctor goes to the drawing room he discovers the Entity has escaped. You’ll need to pick up the Fob Watch and the Kontron Crystal.

You’ll need to disassemble the Chronon Blocker to get the Kontron Crystal. When you get back to the console room you’ll need to do a similar thing to assemble the Tachyon feedback loop.

The Doctor needs to get a message to Amy, go back to the drawing room and pick up the distress beacon.

For the Tachyon feedback loop to work you’ll need to align the two signals.

As Amy you’ll need to answer some questions to view the Doctors message. All of the answers are located in the drawing room.

The Doctor and Amy are reunited, the Doctor captures the entity and releases it to feed on the four dimensional void creature.

[ACT 3] As Amy or the Doctor you can explore the TARDIS console. Then you have 60 seconds to launch the TARDIS as soon as you’ve closed the doors.

A cut scene cliff hanger shows the Doctor and Amy arriving in London after the great flood of the 23rd Century. It is not currently known if this will lead into the next Adventure Game.