K9 – Doctor Who References

Below are some of the Doctor Who references in the K9 series

  • Episode 1 – K9 Mark I appears
  • Episode 2 – Aliens that resemble an Axon (The Claws of Axos) and a Zephon (The Daleks’ Masterplan) are in the prison
  • Episode 4 – A Mr “Smith” of unknown address wins the 1 billion pound lottery
  • Episode 6 – A cupboard appears in a junkyard that’s bigger on the inside
  • Episode 7 – K9 plays chess against Starkey and Jorjie
  • Episode 10 – A Sea Devil and an Alpha Centauri are shown in an alien book
  • Episode 16 – 23rd November 1963
  • Episode 21 – Robot Clowns feature in this episode similar to the ones seen in The Greatest Show in the Galaxy and Day of the Clown
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