Doctor Who and the Daleks 1965 Movie

Doctor Who and the Daleks 1965 Movie

About Doctor Who and the Daleks

Doctor Who And The Daleks Eccentric scientific genius Dr. Who activates the T.A.R.D.I.S., a remarkable time machine disguised as an ordinary callbox. But when the Doctor, his granddaughters and their friend Ian are transported to the mysterious planet Skaro, they discover a race of innocent humanoids under siege by evil robot-like Daleks. Can the Doctor protect this peaceful society from destruction as well as save the entire universe from a diabolical invasion of the future?

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  • Doctor Who Played by Peter CushingDoctor WhoThe Doctor
    Played by Peter Cushing

  • Roberta Tovey The Doctors GrandaughterSusanThe Doctors Grandaughter

  • Jannie LindenBarbaraThe Doctors Grandaughter

  • Roy CastleIanBarbara’s new boy friend