Doctor Who BBC Proms

Doctor Who BBC Proms

About The 2010 BBC Proms

Karen Gillan (companion Amy Pond), Matt Smith (the Doctor) and Arthur Darvill (Rory Williams) host an intergalactic musical adventure featuring Murray Gold’s music from the TV series, plus a selection of classical favourites.

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About The 2008 BBC Proms

Programme includes:

Murray Gold Music from the Doctor Who series(c40 mins)

John Adams Short Ride in a Fast Machine (5 mins)

Holst The Planets – Mars (6 mins)

Orff Carmina burana – ‘O Fortuna’ (5 mins)

Wagner Die Walküre – The Ride of the Valkyries (5 mins)

There will be one interval

Karen Gillan host

Matt Smith host

Arthur Darvill host

Yamit Mamo singer

Mark Chambers singer

London Philharmonic Choir

BBC National Orchestra of Wales

Ben Foster conductor

Grant Llewellyn conductor

Official BBC Proms Website

About The 2008 BBC Proms

The first ever BBC Doctor Who Proms was recorded live on Sunday 27 July 2008, 11.00am – 1.00pm at the Royal Albert Hall. It was then broadcast on BBC One at 1.50pm, 1 January 2009.

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Official BBC Proms Website

Programme Details

  • Murray Gold Concert Prologue* (3 mins)
  • Copland Fanfare for the Common Man (3 mins)
  • Murray Gold All The Strange Strange Creatures* (4 mins)
  • Mark-Anthony Turnage The Torino Scale (UK premiere) (4 mins)
  • Holst The Planets – Jupiter (8 mins)
  • Murray Gold The Doctor Forever* (4.30 mins)
  • Murray Gold Rose* (1.30 mins)
  • Murray Gold Martha v The Master* (4.30 mins)
  • Murray Gold Music of the Spheres (including theme original)* (7.30 mins)
  • Wagner Die Walküre – The Ride of the Valkyries (5 mins)
  • Murray Gold The Daleks & Davros* (8 mins)
  • Murray Gold Donna, Girl in Fireplace, Astrid* (4 mins)
  • Prokofiev ‘Montagues and Capulets’ from Romeo and Juliet (5 mins)
  • Murray Gold This is Gallifrey* (3.30 mins)
  • Murray Gold Doctor’s Theme / Song for Freedom * (5.30 mins)
  • Murray Gold Doomsday* (5 mins)
  • Murray Gold Song for Ten* (4 mins)
  • Murray Gold Doctor Who Theme* (1.30 mins)

There will be one interval

Freema Agyeman presenter
with Daleks and Cybermen

London Philharmonic Choir
BBC Philharmonic
Ben Foster* conductor
Stephen Bell conductor

Music of the Spheres


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