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K9 and Company

About K9 and Company

K9 and Company, A Girl’s Best Friend was the first TV spin off from Doctor Who. This pilot episode was shown on Monday 28 December 1981, a series was planned but never pursued.

Story Plot

Sarah pays a Christmas visit to her Aunt Lavinia’s house in the village of Moreton Harwood. She discovers that Lavinia, a noted scientist, has yet to return from a lecture tour of the USA. She does however meet Brendan – Lavinia’s ward – and Commander Bill Pollock – her partner in a small market garden business. Also in the house, in a box sent to her by the Doctor, she finds K9. Brendan is kidnapped by a local coven of witches who want to sacrifice him to the goddess Hecate. Sarah, with K9’s assistance, foils their plan and unmasks their leaders – Commander Pollock and local postmistress Lily Gregson.

Elisabeth Sladen starred as Sarah Jane Smith again in the successful CBBC series The Sarah Jane Adventures.

Cast and Crew

Sarah Jane Smith – Elisabeth Sladen
Voice of K9 – John Leeson
Aunt Lavinia – Mary Wimbush

Brendan – Ian Sears
Colin Jeavons – George Tracey
Commander Bill Pollock – Bill Fraser
Henry Tobias – John Quarmby
Howard Baker – Neville Barber
Juno Baker – Linda Polan
Lilly Gregson – Gillian Martell
P.C. Carter – Stephen Oxley
Peter Tracey – Sean Chapman

Sergeant Vince Wilson – Nigel Gregory

Director – John Black
Producer – John Nathan-Turner
Special Sounds – Dick Mills
Writer – Terence Dudley