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About Tonight’s the Night

Tonight’s the Night is a series combining show-stopping acts from world-class artists with once-in-a-lifetime performances that make people’s dreams come true.

Doctor Who fans are treated to the exclusive premiere of Russell T Davies’ specially written Doctor Who scene, which sees the winning alien superstar take on Captain Jack himself.

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Press Release

BBC One is making dreams come true as part of a brand new, six-part Saturday night entertainment show. Hosted by Torchwood and West End star John Barrowman, Tonight’s The Night combines show-stopping acts from world class artists with once-in-a-lifetime performances that make people’s dreams come true.

It doesn’t matter how young or old, or how big, small or bizarre the wish. Tonight’s The Night will end up being the night ordinary people live out their performing fantasy for real and become the most unlikely stars that Saturday evenings have ever seen.

From local community heroes to enthusiastic amateurs with a hidden talent they have been yearning to unleash, Tonight will be their time to shine – with the help of John and the best talent in the business.

This could mean duetting with a favourite pop group, singing with a big band or tripping the light fantastic with the cast of a hit West End musical. John will leave no performance stone unturned to make this the night of their lives and a must-see for entertainment fans.

There will also be big laughs, with a succession of celebrity guest appearances, performances, exciting studio challenges and show-stopping numbers. Guest celebrities will support the stars for a night and become involved in making their wishes come true.

The studio audience will also be kept on their showbiz toes, because John will be hitting unsuspecting members with a series of elaborately staged surprises, turning their dreams into a reality on the night whether they like it or not!

John says: “I am so excited to be part of this new BBC One entertainment format on Saturday nights. As well as being packed with showbiz razzle-dazzle and celebrity guests, I’m really looking forward to finding the unlikely stars out there, putting a little extra sparkle in their life and helping them realise their dreams.

“It’s pure entertainment and all about making people’s wishes come true.”

BBC One Controller Jay Hunt says: “Tonight’s The Night has all the hallmarks of great family entertainment. John Barrowman is the ultimate all-round performer and the perfect host for this exciting new show.”


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