Cyber Weapons

Weapons used by the Cybermen

Below is a list of the different weapons used by the Cybermen to attack their enemies.

Built in Weapons

The early Cybermen had two weapons built into their cybernetic bodies. One was located in their their head unit and the other was located in the chest area. The head unit could also be used to hypnotise and control humans.

The Wheel in Space

The Cybermen using mind control.

The Invasion

The Cybermen using a weapon built into their chest unit.

Revenge of the Cybermen

The Cybermen using a weapon built into their helmet.

Rise of the Cybermen

The Cybermen created by Cybus Industries electrocuted anyone that refused to be upgraded.

Nightmare in Silver

A built in hand gun used by the advanced Cybermen in Nightmare in Silver.

The Time of the Doctor

The wooden Cyberman in The Time of the Doctor used a flamethrower.

Handheld Weapons

Below is a list of handheld weapons used by the Cybermen.

The Tenth Planet

The original Cybermen carried around a large box shaped cyberweapon.

The Tomb of the Cybermen

A gun from the weapons testing room on Telos.

The Invasion

A long range and more powerful gun used by the Cybermen.


In Earthshock the Cybermen went back to using hand held weapons.

Silver Nemesis

The Cybermen in Silver Nemesis used powerful hand held weapons.

The Pandorica Opens

The Cybermen originally created by Cybus Industries had laser guns attacked to their arms.


The Cybermen used more powerful weapons that had been modified to fight the Daleks.

Other Cyber Weapons

Below is a list of other various weapons used by the Cybermen.

The Moonbase

The Cybermen used a canon type weapon to try and invade the Moonbase.

Revenge of the Cybermen

A bomb created by the Cybermen to destroy the Vogans.


A bomb the Cybermen used to try and destroy a peace conference on Earth.


A weapon the Cybermen used to cut through the spaceship control room door in Earthshock.


An android the Cybermen used to guard a bomb on Earth.

Attack of the Cybermen

The Cybermen can use their strength to crush and destroy their enemies.

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