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Amelia's house in Leadworth

Amelia prays for Santa to fix the crack


The TARDIS crashes in the garden of Amelia's house

Amelia first meets the newly regenerated Doctor

Fish fingers and custard

Prisoner Zero escapes through the crack

Amelia waits for the Doctor

The Raggedy Doctor

Mels, one of Amy's friends

Rory with Mels and Amy

Because The Doctor didn't save it. Except you don't know about The Doctor because you're stupid.

Mels at Amy's house

Amy and Rory

Amelia gets a message from the Doctor

In a parallel universe the Doctor doesn't arrive

Amelia follows the Doctors messages to the Pandorica


Amy works as a kissogram

The TARDIS arrives 12 years later

Amy and her Kind-of-boyfriend Rory

Yeah, but those things, those amazing things, all that stuff... That was two years ago!
Amy Pond


Amy travels in the TARDIS the night before her wedding

Have you ever run away from something because you were scared, or not ready, or just... just because you could?
Amy Pond

The Starship UK

Amy meets the Smilers on the Starship UK

Queen Elizabeth the Tenth

The crack in time and space

Amy meets Winston Churchill in the middle of World War II

The Daleks helping Churchill

Amy and the Doctor in London

Amy meets River Song for the first time

Amy Pond, you are magnificent, and I'm sorry.
The Doctor

Amy can't open her eyes as she's seen a Weeping Angel

A Weeping Angel on a TV monitor

Amy's time

It's a long story, Doctor. Can't be told, has to be lived. No sneak previews. Well, except for this one: You'll see me again quite soon, when the Pandorica opens.
River Song
Rory! That's a relief! I thought I had burst out of the wrong cake... Again.
The Doctor

The Doctor interrupts Rory's stag party

The Doctor takes Rory and Amy to Venice

Vampires in Venice

The Doctor, Amy and Rory 5 years later in a dream world

The Dream Lord

Rory dies in the dream

Oh, look at you both. Five years later, and you haven't changed a bit! Apart from age, and size...
The Doctor

Rory and Amy meet the Silurians for the first time


Rory and Amy see their future selves

The crack that's been following Amy and the Doctor opens and erases Rory from history

Remember Rory. Keep remembering. Rory's only alive in your memory.
The Doctor

Amy meets Vincent van Gogh

A signed painting for Amy

Oh Amy, I hear the song of your sadness. You've lost someone I think
Vincent van Gogh

Amy finds her engagement ring

A message on the oldest cliff-face in the universe left by River Song

102 AD

River Song near Stonehenge, 102 AD

The Pandorica is used to hold the most dangerous creature in the galaxy. The name is similar to Amy's favourite childhood story Pandora's box

The Alliance captures the Doctor and locks him in the Pandorica

Rory and Amy are reunited however Rory turns out to be a centurion controlled by the Nestene Consciousness

...when I was a kid, I had an imaginary friend, the Raggedy Doctor, my Raggedy Doctor. But he wasn't imaginary, he was real.
Amy Pond

Amy's Mum

Amy's Dad

The Doctor puts Amy inside the Pandorica. Rory guards the Pandorica for almost 2000 years

Amy rememebrs the Doctor. The TARDIS lands at Rory and Amy's wedding

Rory and Amy spend their honeymoon on a spaceship in the future.

Amy and Rory witness the death of a future Doctor


A little girl is in the same (or similar) space suit that will kill the Doctor in the future

Rory and Amy write tally marks as a record of how many times they've seen the silents.

Amy reveals she's pregnant

No, I think shes just dreaming
Eye Patch Lady

Amy keeps seeing a lady with an eye patch through openings in walls and doors.

The little girl escapes from the space suit and regenerates.

Amy and Rory see the Silents

Uh, Amy. This is... well... she's my TARDIS. Except she's a woman. She's a woman, and she's my TARDIS.
The Doctor

The Doctor, Amy and Rory land on an asteroid outside the universe.

House traps Rory and Amy inside the TARDIS.

The matrix of the TARDIS is placed in Idris

The Rebel Flesh.

Amy reveals to the Doctor how he died thinking he's the clone.

Amy was just a Flesh avatar. The real Amy has been kidnapped my Madam Kovarian

Amy gives birth to Melody Pond

Madame Kovarian hopes to turn Melody into a weapon

Rory and Amy after Melody has been kidnapped by Madame Kovarian

River Song tells Amy and Rory that she is their daughter

It's your daughter's name in the language of the forest. Except they don't have a word for pond because the only water in the forest is the river. The Doctor will find your daughter and he will care for her, whatever it takes. And I know that... It's me. I'm Melody. I'm your daughter.
River Song

The Doctor spends all summer searching for Melody

Berlin 1938


Mels, Amy and Rory's childhood friend... and also their daughter

Mels regenerates into River Song

Took me years to find you two. I'm so glad I did. There, you see? It all worked out in the end, didn't it? You got to raise me after all.

Amy and Rory inside the Tesselector

Mels after her regeneration

River sacrifices her remaining regenerations to bring the Doctor back to life after realising who she'll become.

On the planet Apalapucia Amy becomes stuck in an accelerated time stream

I'd forgotten how much you loved me. I'd forgotten how much I loved being her. Amy Pond, in the TARDIS — with Rory Williams.
Older Amy

Rory the handbot

The girl who waited

The older and younger Amy can't travel in the TARDIS together so Rory has to choose which Amy he wants.

The Minotaur

Amy's fear is that the Doctor will never return for her.

...I'm not a hero. I really am just a mad man in a box. And it's time we saw each other as we really are. Amy Williams, it's time to stop waiting.
The Doctor

The Doctor gets a house and car for Amy and Rory hoping they'll have relatively normal lives from now on. Amy says he's saving them

Amy is on an advertisement for a perfume

River Song is inside the spacesuit

River Song fails to kill the Doctor creating a parallel universe

London in a parallel universe

A captured Silent. The eye patches keep a memory of them

The Silents kill Madame Kovarian

Tick tock goes the clock. Even for the Doctor.

River and the Doctor get married. Time goes back to normal

River explains that the Doctor is still alive. The Tesselector was on the beach

The Doctor joins the Ponds for Christmas 2 years after the last time they met

Rory finds an Ood

The Ood helping out

Amy and Rory

Rory and Amy sign the divorce papers

You want kids! You have always wanted kids, ever since you were a kid! And I can't have them!

Amy and Rory get captured by the Daleks

Rory in the Asylum of the Daleks

Amy and Rory realise they still love each other

Rory's dad Brian helps change a light bulb

Dinosaurs on a spaceship

Brian helps control the spaceship saving everyone

You think you can just bring your dad along without asking? I'm not a taxi service, you know.
The Doctor

Brian eating his lunch in the TARDIS

U.N.I.T. break into Amy and Rory's house looking for the Doctor


Invasion of the small cubes

Whilst in the middle of Amy and Rory's wedding anniversary the Doctor arrives taking them back in time

They get caught up in the middle of a Zygon invasion

Well our lives have changed so much. But there was a time—there were years—when I couldn't live without you. When just the whole everyday thing would drive me crazy. But since you dropped us back here, since you've given us this house, you know, we've built a life. I don't know if I can have both.

Amy and Rory explain that they can't just run away as they have lives on Earth

Brian realises that the Doctor, Amy and Rory need each other and encourages them to keep travelling