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Doctor Who 2014

7th April
8th April

Ben Miller to Guest Star in Doctor Who

Ben Miller is set to guest star opposite Peter Capaldi when the new series of Doctor Who returns this autumn.

Tuesday 8 April 2014, 09:57
Ben Miller
As a committed Whovian I cannot believe my luck in joining the Twelfth Doctor for one of his inaugural adventures. My only worry is that they'll make me leave the set when I'm not filming.

Doctor Who Official ‏@bbcdoctorwho

We're delighted to report that Ben Miller will be appearing in #DoctorWho. Quotes and full story at

10:03 AM - 8 Apr 2014

Nikki Wilson @redlushette

Brilliant first day on set with the marvellous @ActualBenMiller - gonna be a stonking episode of #DoctorWho! Thank you @Markgatiss

11:58 PM - 8 Apr 2014
10th April


10th April 2014

#teamtardis #drwho #claraoswald #dannypink

11th April


11th April 2014

#drwho's most musical slate #251 #teamtardis #whovians you guys are in for a treat. This #dr is too much! #Peter capaldi

12th April


12th April 2014

Come say hello - we have TITANS! #ToyConUK #DoctorWho #lunartik

Paul Murphy @paul_murfy

Episode 6 completed filming! What an episode! #DoctorWho

9:30 AM - 12 Apr 2014
14th April

Nikki Wilson @redlushette

First full day filming episode 3 of #DoctorWho and the Welsh weather was kind to us. Hurrah for sunshine!

11:49 PM - 14 Apr 2014
15th April

Horror Channel ‏@horror_channel

Anyone else seen these amazing posters? #WHOonHorror starts Apr 18th.

4:54 PM - 15 Apr 2014
16th April
25th April

Titan Merchandise ‏@TitanMerch


5:40 PM - 25 Apr 2014
27th April


27 April 2014

Special Visual and Graphic Effects: Doctor Who: The Day of the Doctor

The team from Milk VFX, REAL SFX and The Model Unit celebrate their BAFTA win at the British Academy Television Craft Awards on 27 April 2014

Let It Go - The Dr Who Version by Arthur Darvill - #SurpriseKaraoke

Published on 27 April 2014 | by BBC Radio 1
28th April

BBCCymruWalesPress ‏@BBCWalesPress

Doctor Who took the award for Special, Visual & Graphic Effects at last night's @BAFTA #TVCraft awards. Congratulations to all involved!

11:02 AM - 28 Apr 2014

BBCCymruWalesPress ‏@BBCWalesPress

Vickie Lang also won the Make Up & Hair Design award for An Adventure In Space And Time @BAFTA #TVCraft

11:04 AM - 28 Apr 2014