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Doctor Who 2014

1st November

Doctor Who Official ‏@bbcdoctorwho

The Doctor, Missy and Cybermen… It can only be the start of the epic finale: #DoctorWho, tonight at 8.15pm on @BBCOne

9:40 AM - 1 Nov 2014


Profile Picture: Upgraded. #DoctorWho

4:01 PM - 1 Nov 2014

Doctor Who Official ‏@bbcdoctorwho

Dark Water contains surprises that we’ll only mention after it finishes at 9pm. Avoid social media if you need to keep the secrets secret!

8:10 PM - 1 Nov 2014

Doctor Who - Dark Water

Series 8 - Episode 11
Saturday, 1st November 2014 | 8.15pm
Writer: Steven Moffat
Director: Rachel Talalay
Producer: Peter Bennett

Chris Addison ‏@mrchrisaddison

Thanks for your lovely #DoctorWho tweets. Huuuuge respect and awe for the brilliant director, @rtalalay. What a job!

9:41 PM - 1 Nov 2014
2nd November

UK TV Ratings ‏@TVRatingsUK

#DoctorWho pulled in 5.27m/22.4%, up 240k. But #PointlessCelebrities was the third most watched yesterday with an impressive 5.60m/30.8%.

9:39 AM - 2 Nov 2014

Doctor Who Magazine @DWMtweets

The final BARB rating for In the Forest of the Night was 6.92m, which includes all UK viewers who watched within one week of broadcast.

4:49 PM - 2 Nov 2014

Rachel Talalay ‏@rtalalay

Thank you all for the great comments. Next week is likely different from what you expect. How's that for tantalizing but uninformative?

10:35 PM - 2 Nov 2014
4th November


4th November 2014

Visit the official #DoctorWho site for the latest Death in Heaven gallery and a trailer for the final episode of the current series!

7th November

Danny Hargreaves ‏@Dannysfx

Check out #BluePeter at 4:30. Day in the life with me on @bbcdoctorwho final Ep ! Explosions galore !!!

10:29 AM - 7 Nov 2014
8th November

Doctor Who Official ‏@bbcdoctorwho

The Doctor will see yokqgpnj rvadlhb

7:59 PM - 8 Nov 2014

Doctor Who Official ‏@bbcdoctorwho

Clara will see you now.

8:04 PM - 8 Nov 2014

Doctor Who Official ‏@bbcdoctorwho

If you haven’t seen Death in Heaven, please be aware that this twitter feed may reveal plot points from tonight’s episode. #DoctorWho

8:59 PM - 8 Nov 2014

Doctor Who - Death in Heaven

Series 8 - Episode 12
Saturday, 8th November 2014 | 8.00pm
Writer: Steven Moffat
Director: Rachel Talalay
Producer: Peter Bennett

Doctor Who Christmas Special 2014: Official TV Trailer - BBC One

Published on 8 November 2014 | by BBC


8th November 2014

Visit the official #DoctorWho site for a range of new galleries covering Death in Heaven, including a selection of production artwork images.

9th November

UK TV Ratings ‏@TVRatingsUK

Saturday night ratings:
#StrictlyComeDancing 9.37m/42.8%
#TheXFactor 8.00m/34.4%
#DoctorWho 5.45m/23.3%

9:37 AM - 9 Nov 2014

Doctor Who Magazine @DWMtweets

Last week's Doctor Who episode, Dark Water, had a consolidated BARB rating of 7.34m viewers, which includes those who watched within 7 days.

1:59 PM - 9 Nov 2014


9th November 2014

Don’t lose your head if you’re missing #DoctorWho already! There’s a whole series of #DoctorWho Extra available on BBC iPlayer or visit the official site for literally hundreds of videos, galleries, Fact Files, quizzes and much more!Follow

Danny Hargreaves ‏@Dannysfx

So this is how I build my Cyber army !

9:43 PM - 9 Nov 2014
10th November

Doctor Who Magazine @DWMtweets

Issue 480 of Doctor Who Magazine is published this Thursday – and we interview Michelle Gomez, alias THE MASTER!

11:21 AM - 10 Nov 2014
12th November

Doctor Who Official ‏@bbcdoctorwho

A brand new image from the Christmas Special – catch the exclusive clip on @BBCCiN on Friday!

10:39 AM - 12 Nov 2014

Doctor Who Magazine @DWMtweets

Michelle Gomez is interviewed in the latest issue of DWM, and reveals that the Master will return! More details here:

12:09 PM - 12 Nov 2014
14th November

BBC One ‏@BBCOne

After watching that #DoctorWho clip, we want you to...
*puts on Dalek voice*

7:50 PM - 14 Nov 2014

BBC Good Food ‏@bbcgoodfood

For any @bbcdoctorwho fan, here's the perfect recipe for you in our #GoodFoodBakeSale!

7:50 PM - 14 Nov 2014
16th November

Doctor Who Magazine @DWMtweets

The consolidated rating for the Doctor Who finale, Death in Heaven, was 7.60m viewers. This includes those who watched it within one week.

12:51 PM - 16 Nov 2014
20th November
21st November


21st November 2014

The good Doctor figure made it onto the front cover of the Forbidden Planet winter catalog:) #weLoveTitans #lunartik #doctorwho #vinyltoysFollow

23rd November

Doctor Who Official ‏@bbcdoctorwho

‘…at last I know where I’m going. Where I’ve always been going. Home… the long way round.’ #DoctorWho #happybirthday

9:31 AM - 23 Nov 2014
25th November