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The Torchwood Three Team

Torchwood Three is located in Cardiff. Members of Torchwood are known to have a short life span, Captain Jack is the longest serving Torchwood operative as he is unable to die. Below are the character profiles for members of the Torchwood team past and present including Gwen, Ianto, Rhys, Owen and Toshiko.

Find out more about Captain Jack, head of Torchwood Three

Gwen Cooper

Gwen Cooper

  • Played by: Eve Myles

About Gwen Cooper

Gwen Cooper was originally a police officer but now works for Torchwood. She lives with her boyfriend, Rhys Williams, who is a transport manager. Gwen met Torchwood when she was investigating a murder organised by Suzie Costello. Gwen never gave up, she wanted to know what Torchwood was and what they were hiding. Jack eventually offered Gwen a job knowing the team needed someone with a more caring and sensitive side.

Rhys Williams

Rhys Williams

  • Played by: Kai Owen

About Rhys Williams

Rhys is Gwens boyfriend. He only became aware of Torchwood and Gwens true job in the second series. When the Goverment attempted to destroy Torchwood and all of its members Rhys and Gwen went on the run. Rhys helped Gwen, Jack and Ianto stop the 456 threat.

Ianto Jones

Ianto Jones

  • Played by: Gareth David-Lloyd

About Ianto Jones

Ianto used to work at Torchwood 1 until it got destroyed during the battle of Canary Wharf. Out of a job, Ianto looked for Jack hoping he’d offer him a job at Torchwood 3, eventually after a lot of persuading he did.

Ianto’s girlfriend Lisa was partially upgraded into cyber form. He kept her hidden in the Torchwood hub for a while hoping he could find someone to undo the conversion. However Lisa’s Cyber influence was to powerful, Ianto knew he had no option other than to kill her.

Ianto’s original role was to make sure everything ran smoothly. By the second series Ianto had a bigger role, he became a main part of the team.

Dr. Owen Harper

Dr. Owen Harper

  • Played by: Burn Gorman

About Owen Harper

Owen Harper originally worked at Cardiff A&E. During this time Owens wife had developed a parasitic alien tumor which killed her. Torchwood needed a medical officer so Jack asked Owen to join Torchwood.

During the second series Owen died but was brought back to life using a resurrection glove. Being brought back to life this way Owen was unable to do a lot of things, he couldn’t eat or drink, he was also unable to heal from any wounds he sustained.

At the end of the second series Owen was caught in a nuclear meltdown caused by Jack’s brother Gray. Toshiko and Owen managed to contain the radiation but a power serge sealed all the doors trapping Owen.

Toshiko Sato

Toshiko Sato

  • Played by: Naoko Mori

About Toshiko Sato

Toshiko was forced by a terrorist organisation to construct a sonic modulator in exchange for the release of her mother. However the plan was stopped by U.N.I.T and she was captured. Shortly after Jack visited Toshiko in a U.N.I.T prison and offered her a job at Torchwood.

Toshiko became Torchwoods technical expert. Like Captain Jack, Toshiko has also met the Doctor during an invasion by the Slitheen.

Jacks younger brother Gray shot and killed Toshiko. She spent her last minutes trying to save Owen.

Martha Jones

Martha Jones

  • Played by: Freema Agyeman

About Martha Jones

Martha Jones was a companion of the Doctor. She met him whilst studying to be a Doctor herself. She met Jack whilst travelling with the Doctor, together they all helped stop the Masters invasion of Earth. Martha went on to work for U.N.I.T while she was there she helped Torchwood occasionally.

Suzie Costello

Suzie Costello

  • Played by: Indira Varma

About Suzie Costello

Suzie was second in command of Torchwood three until she became obsessed with the resurrection gauntlet. She started killing people to test the gauntlet as it worked well on victims of violent deaths.

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