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Show Years

Season Eleven begins with a new logo and title sequence. This is the first use of the Doctor Who diamond logo.

Season Eleven

  • The Time Warrior
  • Invasion of the Dinosaurs
  • Death to the Daleks
  • The Monster of Peladon
  • Planet of the Spiders

Doctor Who
Season 11 1973 - 1974

Elisabeth Sladen is cast as journalist Sarah-Jane Smith.


Doctor Who Season Eleven begins.

Jon Pertwee in the title sequence.

13th Century

Scientists go missing from a top security building so U.N.I.T is called in to investigate.

The Doctor traces the kidnappings back to the Middle Ages.

Sarah-Jane stowed away aboard the TARDIS.

Eleanor, The Lady Wessex.

A Sontaran ship lands in the Middle Ages.



Linx a Sontaran. The Sontarans are a race bred for war.

The first episode was titled simple just 'Invasion' to keep the enemy a mystery to the viewers.

The Doctor and Sarah return to a deserted London.

U.N.I.T investigating the dinosaurs.

Invasion of the Dinosaurs.

The Whomobile.

Invasion of the Dinosaurs.

Terry Nation returns to write Death to the Daleks.

The Great City on Exxilon forcing ships to loose power.

The Daleks are powerless on Exxilon.

An Exxilon helps Sarah.

Aggedor on Peladon.

The TARDIS lands on Peladon.

Queen Thalira of Peladon.

Alpha Centauri and Sarah-Jane.

The Doctor, Sarah and the Ice Warriors.

Planet of the Spiders was the Third Doctors final story.

The Eight Legs is looking for the crystal that was taken from Metebelis III.

The Whomobile flying.

Mike Yates. After Yates's retirement from U.N.I.T he went to a Buddhist meditation centre.

The TARDIS lands on Metebelis III where the Doctor must return the Blue Crystal to the Great One, knowing that he will probably die in the process.

K'anpo is revealed to be a former mentor of the Doctor now enjoying peaceful exile on Earth.

Target book - Doctor Who and the Cave Monsters.


Well... here we go again.
The Brigadier


A greater range of Target books were released.

Blue Peter on the Doctor Who set.

Advertisement on BBC1.

Doctor Who Annual.

Season Twelve

  • Robot
  • The Ark in Space
  • The Sontaran Experiment
  • Genesis of the Daleks
  • Revenge of the Cybermen

Doctor Who
Season 12 1974 - 1975


Doctor Who Season Twelve begins.

The Fourth Doctor faces a giant robot in his first adventure.

You may be a doctor. But I'm the Doctor. The definite article, you might say.
The Doctor

The Doctor, Bessie, Harry, Brigadier Lethbridge-Stewart and Benton.


First time the TARDIS appears in the titles.

Tom Baker is cast as the Doctor.

The Doctor chooses some new clothes.

Ian Marter is cast as Harry Sullivan.

A Doctor Who Exhibition opened in Blackpool in the 1970s.

Survivors of the human race were put in suspended animation.

The Nerva Beacon.

Most stories in this season were based on or around the Nerva Beacon.

A Wirrn laid its eggs on the beacon whilst the humans were asleep.

One of the humans gets infected.

The Doctor volunteers to beam down to Earth with Harry and Sarah to fix the broken transmat.

The Doctor uses the Sonic Screwdriver to fix the transmat.

A robot capturing human survivors.

A Sontaran is on Earth experimenting on humans preparing for their invasion.

Doctor Who Logo Badge.

Talking Dalek released in 1975.

Philip Hinchcliffe took over as producer in 1974.

Sontaran robot concept art.

On the way back to the Nerva Beacon a Time Lord asks the Doctor to stop the Daleks evolution.

The Doctor arrives on Skaro in the middle of the war between the Kaleds (Daleks) and Thals.

Today, the Kaled race is ended - consumed in a fire of war. But from its ashes will rise a new race. The supreme creature! The ultimate conqueror of the universe! The Dalek!

An original Dalek created by Davros.

Someone getting exterminated.

The Doctor questions whether he has the right to destroy the Daleks completely.

Davros, creator of the Daleks makes his first appearance in Doctor Who.

The Doctor, Sarah and Harry arrive back on the Nerva Beacon at an earlier point in time than when they originally left.

The Nerva Beacon was set up to warn spacecraft about Voga, which orbited the planet Jupiter.

The Cybermen return intending to destroy Voga as its full of gold which is harmful to them - This was the only full story featuring the Cybermen in the 1970s.

Season Thirteen

  • Terror of the Zygons
  • Planet of Evil
  • Pyramids of Mars
  • The Android Invasion
  • The Brain of Morbius
  • The Seeds of Doom

Doctor Who
Season 13 1975 - 1976


Doctor Who Season Thirteen begins.

The last major U.N.I.T story with the Brigadier.

The Zygons.

The Loch Ness monster.

Regimental Sergeant Major Benton

Harry decides to stay on Earth after helping the Doctor, Sarah and the Brigadier defeat the Zygons

Doctor Who Monster Book.

Doctor Who Dalek Annual.

The Zygon spaceship landed at the bottom of Loch Ness.

Doctor Who Annual.

Tom Baker introduces Disney Time as the Doctor.

Planet of Evil.


Planet of Evil.

The Doctor and Sarah in the TARDIS.

A creature made out of Antimatter energy on the planet Zeta Minor. The creature killed by sucking the life out of its victims.

A ship heading for Zeta Minor.

The Jungle on Zeta Minor.

Humans on the ship heading for Zeta Minor.

A series of Doctor Who cards released by Weetabix.

The door leading to the rest of the TARDIS.


Pyramids of Mars.

Egypt 1911, Marcus Scarman is excavating a pyramid.

Laurence Scarman was brother of Marcus Scarman. He briefly travelled in the TARDIS whilst helping the Doctor and Sarah.

Pyramids of Mars.

Service Robots used by Sutekh.

It means I've lived for something like 750 years.
The Doctor.

Marcus Scarman.

The Doctor shows Laurence the future if they don't stop Sutekh.


The Doctor and Sarah land back on Earth.

A U.N.I.T Soldier.

The Kraals have made an android version of Sarah.

Men in white suits.

Android Pods.

The Kraals in charge of the android invasion.

Harry and Benton.

The TARDIS in the Android Invasion.

The Brain of Morbius.


Sisterhood of Karn.

The brain of Morbius.

Morbius was a Time Lord.

Solon prepares to operate.

A science base in the Antarctic.

When scientists discover mysterious seed pods the Doctor is called in to investigate.

In England millionaire Harrison Chase wants the seed pods at whatever cost. Harrison Chase collects plants.

One of the scientists gets infected.

The first U.N.I.T story not the include the Brigadier or Benton.

Typhoo The Amazing World of Doctor Who cards 1976.

Making of Doctor Who Target Book.

From season Thirteen onwards the story lengths got shorter. There would now only be one 6-part story per season.

Krynoids travelled in small pods like the ones found in the Antarctic. Krynoids were large alien plants with a hunger for animal life.

Season Fourteen

  • The Masque of Mandragora
  • The Hand of Fear
  • The Deadly Assassin
  • The Face of Evil
  • The Robots of Death
  • The Talons of Weng-Chiang

Doctor Who
Season 14 1976 - 1977

The TARDIS takes the Doctor and Sarah back to the Antarctic.

Doctor Who Dinosaur Book.


Doctor Who Season Fourteen begins.

TV Guide.

A new TARDIS exterior was built for Season Fourteen.

Doctor Who and the Pescatons.

Philip Hinchcliffe wanted a new TARDIS interior that reflected the fourth Doctors character.

The new TARDIS exterior.

The Mandragora Helix in the Vortex.

The Mandragora Helix made the Brotherhood of Demnos believe it was the god.

BBC1 TV advert for The Masque of Mandragora.

15th Century

The TARDIS lands in the 15th Century Italy.

Slight font change for Season Fourteen.

Federico orders the Doctor to be executed.

A TV advert for the two Doctor Who Exhibitions and Longleat and Blackpool.

Eldrad must live
Sarah-Jane Smith

The planet Kastria.

The TARDIS lands at a quarry on Earth.

A stone hand is unearthed in the quarry explosion.


Eldrad regenerates into his true male form.

Sarah has to stay behind on Earth as the Doctor can't take her to Gallifrey.

The Time Lord Guards.

The Time Lords.

The Doctor receives a message from Gallifrey.

A plan to assassinate the Time Lord President.

The Master returns.

Tom Baker and Elisabeth Sladen on Swap Shop in 1976.

The Master sets traps in the Matrix.

The Master escapes in his TARDIS.

Mary Whitehouse famously criticised the BBC for making Doctor Who too violent and scary for children. Her strongest complaint was the cliff-hanger for The Deadly Assassin episode 3 where the Doctor appeared to be drowning.

The Sevateem worship a god called Xoanon.

Louise Jameson is cast as Leela.

Xoanon was a computer.

Would you like a jelly baby?
The Doctor
It's true then. They say the Evil One eats babies.

The Doctors face was carved into a mountain.

Would you like a jelly baby?

Xoanon - The Face of Evil

Doctor Who 1977 Annual

Walton Super 8 Film Doctor Who: Daleks Invasion Earth 2150 A.D.

The TARDIS is dimensionally transcendental

Mego Cyberman toy

A sand miner vehicle

1977 Weetabix Card Artwork

1977 Weetabix Card Artwork

The first major change for the TARDIS interior.

Voc Robots

The Doctor and Leela looking outside the Sandminer

The Sandminer control room


1977 Weetabix Card Artwork

1977 Weetabix Card Artwork

The Sandminer crew are being killed. The Doctor and Leela are captured as the surviving crew think it must be them.

Taren Capel was a scientist who had spent most of his life around robots. He believed that robots should rule humans.

Henry Gordon Jago the owner of the Palace Theatre and Professor George Litefoot a pathologist.

The Master of Magic.

Li H'sen Chang and his dummy Mr Sin.

The Doctor in period costume.

The Doctor and Leela meet Professor Litefoot at the mortuary.

Tom Baker Titles.

Magnus Greel.

Magnus Greel was from the 51st century.

Season Fifteen

  • Horror of Fang Rock
  • The Invisible Enemy
  • Image of the Fendahl
  • The Sun Makers
  • Underworld
  • The Invasion of Time

Doctor Who
Season 15 1977 - 1978


Doctor Who Season Fifteen begins.

The Doctor.

A lighthouse on Fang Rock, an island off the English coast.

The lighthouse.

A ship crashes into the rocks.

The Rutan Host.

Leelas eyes turn from brown to blue after witnessing the explosion of the Rutan ship.

Graham Williams takes over as producer.

Original K9 concept art by Tony Harding.

A slight redesign on the original console room.

The Doctor looking outside of the TARDIS.

A ship lands on Titan base with infected crew members.

The Doctor and the infected crew members.

Astroid K4067 where K9 was originally from.

Professor Marius built K9.

K9 and Leela.

K9 makes his first appearance.

Inside the Doctors brain.

The Nucleus.

Professor Marius lets the Doctor take K9.

The Doctor is playing chess with K9.

The TARDIS lands on Pluto.

Hade enforced the Collectors tax policy on Pluto.

The Collector oversaw Usurian operations in Megropolis One on Pluto.

Humans living on Pluto forced to pay high taxes by the Collector and the Company.

Talking K9.

Scientists doing tests on a human skull from Kenya which they believe is twelve million years old.

A Fendahleen.

A Fendahl.

The TARDIS lands in a field.

The Doctor and damaged K9.

Image of the Fendahl.

K9 Toy.


At the the edge of the cosmos a spaceship, R1C is heading into a spiral nebula.

R1C is from Minyos, a planet on the other side of the universe. The Time Lords had tried to help the Minyan civilisation in the past.

The P7E contains the information needed to rebuild Minyos .

Doctor Who Sound Effects.

The Oracle computer that ruled over the Minyans.

The Doctor plans to invade Gallifrey with the Vardans.

Even the sonic screwdriver won't get me out of this one!
The Doctor

The Doctor returns to Gallifrey to claim Presidency of Gallifrey.

Leela in the wastelands on Gallifrey.

The Doctor and Leela on Gallifrey.

The vardans true form. The Doctor tracks down their home planet and traps it in a time loop.

The Doctor was unaware that the Sontarans were using the Vardans to invade Gallifrey.

The TARDIS swimming pool.

Commander Stor.

The Sontaran ship approaching Gallifrey.

Leela and K9 stayed behind on Gallifrey. When the Doctor returned to the TARDIS there was a box on the floor labelled K9 MII

Doctor Who 1978 Annual.

Doctor Who Trump Card Game

Target Books.

Season Sixteen

  • The Ribos Operation
  • The Pirate Planet
  • The Stones of Blood
  • The Androids of Tara
  • The Power of Kroll
  • The Armageddon Factor

Doctor Who
Season 16 1978 - 1979

Dalek 1978 Annual.


Doctor Who Season Sixteen begins.


The White Guardian asks the Doctor to find the Key to Time.

The Key to Time.

Mary Tamm is cast as Romana.

The Doctor and the White Guardian.

The Medieval planet Ribos.

Mary Tamm is cast as Romana.

Garron and Unstoffe found the first segment of the Key to Time.

The first segment of the Key to Time

Excuse me, are you sure this planet's meant to be here?
The Doctor

The planet Zanak.

The Captain of planet Zanak.

allowed Zanak to materialise around other planets and plunder their mineral wealth

An air car used for transport on the planet Zanak.

The Mentiads.

Key to Time segments.

Appreciate it? appreciate it! You commit mass destruction and murder on a scale that's almost inconceivable and you ask me to appreciate it! Just because you happen to have made a brilliantly conceived toy out of the mummified remains of planets.
The Doctor

The stones of blood.

Archaeologist Professor Amelia Rumford investigating the stones.

Cult of the Cailleach .

A prison ship.

A dead Wirrn.

Cessair of Diplos.

Stone like creatures known as Ogri from Ogros.

Show Years