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Doctor Who 1993 Yearbook.


Dimensions in Time Part One

Jon Pertwee on Noel's House Party.

Doctor Who Radio Times cover for the 30th Anniversary.

Mayday! Mayday! This is an urgent message for all the Doctors. It's vitally important that you listen carefully to me for once. Our whole existence is being threatened by a renegade Time Lord known only as the Rani! She hates me. She even hates children!
The Fourth Doctor

Dimensions in Time was a Doctor Who special for Children in Need, the episode was a cross over with Eastenders.

Tom Baker returns as the fourth Doctor.

The special episode was a cross over with Eastenders.

The Rani outside the Queen Vic (Eastenders).

The mini episode had 3D scenes included.


Dimensions in Time Part Two

Noel Edmonds getting ready to watch Dimensions in Time in 3D.

Bessie in Albert Square.

The Sixth Doctor and the Brigadier meet for the first and last time on TV.

The Doctor and Ace save the day and continue travelling.

30th Anniversary jacket.

Doctor Who 1994 Yearbook.

More Than 30 Years in the TARDIS was broadcast on BBC One to celebrate the thirtieth anniversary of Doctor Who.

It was sixteen minute's past five (Earth Time) on Saturday the 23rd November 1963, the day after the assassination of President Kennedy, when Doctor Who first materialised on to BBC Television.

Doctor Who 30th Anniversary logo.

More Than 30 Years in the TARDIS VHS.

William Hartnell's granddaughter Jessica Carney.

Dinosaurs attacking the Third Doctor.

To be continued...

The Dalek Emperor returns at the end of More Than 30 Years in the TARDIS.

Alan Yentob controller of BBC One is asked about Doctor Who.

Doctor Who - 21 years at Longleat 1994.

Jon Pertwee, Good Morning with Anne and Nick 1994.

Downtime an independent direct to VHS production including many popular characters from Doctor Who. The Brigadier and his daughter Kate Lethbridge-Stewart.

The Yeti return in Downtime.

Downtime VHS cover.

Doctor Who 1995 Yearbook.

Doctor Who Magazine announce the new Doctor.

March 1996 Radio Times behind the scenes.

Doctor Who 1996 Yearbook.


Doctor Who Radio Times cover.


Doctor Who airs in America

Grace Holloway, the Doctor and the Master in the TARDIS.

Sylvester McCoy and Paul McGann outside the TARDIS. A publicity photo for the 1996 TV Movie.

The Doctor has to return the Masters remains back to Gallifrey but he escapes on Earth.

Paul McGann is cast as the Doctor.

1996 Doctor Who logo.

The Doctor lands in San Francisco.

The Doctor just after the regeneration.

The universe hangs by such a delicate thread of points, it's useless to meddle with it. Unless, like me, you're a Time Lord.
The Eighth Doctor

The Master tricks Chang Lee.


A Beryllium clock built as a way of celebrating the new millennium.

With the new logo the VHS line was rebranded. From The War Machines onwards the covers were photographic montages.


TV Movie soundtrack.

Doctor Who VHS advert.

PC game Destiny Of The Doctors released in 1997 by BBC Multimedia.

Destiny Of The Doctors featured Anthony Ainley's final performance as the Master.

The last Virgin New Adventures book is published.

The first Doctor Who BBC Book in 1997.

BBC Books start releasing Doctor Who titles in 1997 including new adventures for the eighth Doctor as well as past Doctors.

In The Domain Of The Daleks manufactured by Bluebird toys during 1997.

Auton spin off released on VHS.

E-Space VHS boxset.

A Dalek at the Dapol Exhibition.

Doctor Who Monster Book.

A unique video diary of 7 Doctor Who events.

Daleks in the Dapol factory.

Dapol factory tour with Katy Manning and John Leeson.

Dapol Doctor Who 35th Anniversary set.

1998 Doctor Who Calendar.

Dalek VHS tin (1999).


Doctor Who and the Curse of Fatal Death written by Steven Moffat

The Daleks return with the Master.

I'll explain later.
The Doctor/The Daleks/The Master

The Master.

The Doctor summons The Master to tell him he is getting married to Emma.

Richard E. Grant stars as the Tenth Doctor.

Jim Broadbent stars as the Eleventh Doctor.

Hugh Grant stars as the Twelfth Doctor.

Joanna Lumley stars as the Thirteenth Doctor.

The recent discovery of the missing episode "The Lion" was highlighted on the National Lottery Amazing Luck Stories in 1999.

The Curse of Fatal Death VHS release.

Cyberman VHS tin (2000).

One of the first versions of the official BBC Doctor Who website.

Doctor Who Magazine turns 20 years old.

In 1999 Big Finish got the license to make official Audio stories.

The first Big Finish audio stories released in 1999.

November 1999 Radio Times.

Doctor Who Night (November 1999) on BBC Two.

BBC Two Dalek Ident.

The BBC start releasing the missing Doctor Who stories on audio CD.

Doctor Who Millenium Stamp.

First Doctor Who DVD is released 1999.


Death Comes to Time limited animation.


Death Comes to Time - The start of BBCi webcast stories

Death Comes to Time is a webcast audio drama broadcast on the BBCi website from 12 July 2001.

Dalek Rolykins.

Davros VHS collection.

Doctor Who Radio Times 2001 Calendar.

Real Time starring Colin Baker and Maggie Stables on the BBCi website... What interest can the Cybermen have in the ruins of the planet Chronos?


BBCi Real Time begins

Colin Baker stars as the Doctor in Real Time.

The planet Chronos is being used as a base for the Cybermen.

The BBC commisioned a new webcast from the Big Finish audio Shada to mark the 40th anniversary.


BBCi Shada begins

Shada titles.



BBCi Scream of the Shalka begins


Richard E. Grant plays the 9th Doctor in Scream of the Shalka.

Scream of the Shalka.

Scream of the Shalka cast.

Doctor Who Magazine.

Death Comes to Time released late 2002.

26/09/2003 - BBCi report that a new series of Doctor Who is coming.

The Doctor Who Dapol Exhibition closes.

UK Gold: Doctor Who @ 40.

The last Doctor Who VHS boxset release, The Reign of Terror / The Faceless Ones and The Web of Fear.

Doctor Who November Radio Times.

Talking Daleks from Product Enterprise.

The Three Doctors DVD release.

Show Years