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Doctor Who
Season 16 1978 - 1979

The Doctor and Romana.


Doctor Who Season Sixteen continues.

Count Grendel of Gracht believed Romana was an android.

Working on an android.

Princess Stella of Tara.

The TARDIS lands on the marsh moon of Delta Magna.

The Power of Kroll. Kroll lived on Delta III.

A human chemical refinery.

The Swampies were natives of Delta Magna.

The Doctor realises Kroll is a segment of the Key to Time.

Kroll is a segment of the Key to Time.


The Doctor and the Key to Time.

The Armageddon Factor.

The shadow served the Black Guardian.

The Black Guardian.

Princess Astra of Atrios, the sixth segment of the Key to Time.

Doctor Who 1979 Annual.

Do not disturb sign.

New season of Doctor Who.

Season Seventeen

  • Destiny of the Daleks
  • City of Death
  • The Creature from the Pit
  • Nightmare of Eden
  • The Horns of Nimon
  • Shada (Not transmitted)

Doctor Who
Season 17 1979 - 1980

Lalla Ward is cast as Romana II.


Doctor Who Season Seventeen begins.

A force of Movellans arrive on Skaro to stop the Daleks.

The TARDIS arrives on Skaro.

Oh, look! Rocks!
The Doctor

Terry Nation returns to write Destiny of the Daleks.

Movellan ship on Skaro.

Destiny of the Daleks.

The Daleks need Davros to help them win the war against the Movellans.

The Doctor tells Davros that he'll use the sonic screwdriver to detonate explosives attached to his chair

So, the long darkness has ended. An eternity of waiting is over. The resurrection has come, as I always knew it would. Now, where are my Daleks?

Daleks with explosives attached to them.

The official Doctor Who Magazine launches.

Doctor Who colouring book.

The Adventures of K9.

Genesis of the Daleks soundtrack.

Doctor Who Prime Ad focus.

Jagaroth Spaceship.

Scaroth was a Jagaroth.

Scaroth scattered through time.

This is a fake.


Visitors at an gallery.

Doctor and Romana say farewell to Duggan at the top of the Eiffel Tower

The City of Death was partly filmed in Paris, France. Over 16 million people watched Part 4 of The City of Death making it the most watched episode of Doctor Who.

Doctor, how very nice to see you again. Seems like only 474 years since we last met.

The TARDIS lands four hundred million years ago on what will become the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean.

The Doctor reading in the TARDIS.

The TARDIS lands in a jungle.

The Doctor gets captured by Karela.

Wolfweeds surround K9.

The Creature from the Pit.

The Doctor speaks to the creature.

The TARDIS stabilises the neutron star so it doesn't collide with Chloris.

The TARDIS lands on the space liner Empress.

Crew on the space liner.

Two ships become locked together whilst emerging from hyperspace. The space liner Empress and a private ship, the Hecate.

Mandrels from the planet Eden.


The TARDIS lands on a ship full of prisoners.

1st Prize for K9.

The Nimon.

Soldeed worked for the Nimon.

Season 17 was supposed to end with a six part story titled Shada but due to a strike at the BBC filming was never completed.

Shada was a lost planet where the Time Lords built a prison. About 50% of the story had been filmed, some clips were later used in The Five Doctors.

Doctor Who 1980 Annual.

Blue Peter visit the Longleat exhibition.

Doctor Who Summer Special.

Doctor Who theme from the BBC Series.

A new season and a completely new look for Doctor Who.

Season Eighteen

  • The Leisure Hive
  • Meglos
  • Full Circle
  • State of Decay
  • Warriors' Gate
  • The Keeper of Traken
  • Logopolis

Doctor Who
Season 18 1980 - 1981

John Nathan-Turner is made producer of Doctor Who.


Doctor Who Season Eighteen begins.

The new starfield title sequence.

The new TARDIS exterior.

The TARDIS lands on Brighton Beach.

Argolins from Argolis.

The Doctor ages several hundred years.

The Foamasi were at war with the Argolins.

Doctor Who Picture Packs.

The Doctors coat and multi-coloured scarf were replaced with burgundy versions.

Doctor Who Monthly - 46.

Jacqueline Hill (former companion) is cast as leader of the Deons.

Meglos disguised as the Doctor.

Meglos was a xerophyte a cactus-like creature.

The Marshmen are from the planet Alzarius. Some of the Marshmen had evolved into humanoids.

Whilst travelling to Gallifrey the TARDIS gets stuck in an alternative universe known as E-Space. Full Circle starts the E-Space trilogy.

Romana's room in the TARDIS.

The Doctor and K9 watch the marsh.

Matthew Waterhouse is cast as Adric.

The crashed starliner.

K9 Time Trap featured on Swap Shop.

Doctor Who 1981 Annual.

The King Vampire.

The Tower was originally a spaceship.

Information about the spaceship.

A map of the area around the Tower.

The Three Who Rule were originally human astronauts who had been mutated by the King Vampire.

Warriors' Gate, the gateway from E-Space to N-Space.


A slave ship.

The Tharils are time-sensitive and can ride the time winds.

The Humans that enslaved the Tharils.

Gundan robots built by humans to overpower the Tharils.

Romana and K9 stay behind in E-Space to help Biroc, a Tharil free his people.

The Doctor and Adric leave E-Space.

Tom quits Doctor Who. A newspaper clip.

Ceefax Dalek.

The Keeper of Traken.

Melkur on Traken.

Tremas of Traken was the father of Nyssa.

The Master returns.

Sarah Sutton is cast as Nyssa.

Janet Fielding is cast as Tegan Jovanka.

The TARDIS cloister room.

The TARDIS lands around a Police Box.

The Watcher.

The planet Logopolis.

The Doctor has to work with the Master to save the universe.

The Master deceives the Doctor and proceeds to blackmail the peoples of the universe.

The Masters TARDIS.

The radio telescope on Earth.

The Doctor falls from the radio telescope.

The fourth to fifth Doctors regeneration.

K9 and Company was the first official Doctor Who spin-off. Although the viewing figures were good a series was never commissioned.

Sarah-Jane and K9.

The Doctor sends K9 Mark III to Sarah-Jane.


K9 and Company - A Girl's Best Friend.


Season Nineteen

  • Castrovalva
  • Four To Doomsday
  • Kinda
  • The Visitation
  • Black Orchid
  • Earthshock
  • Time-Flight

Doctor Who
Season 19 1982

Peter Davison is cast as the Doctor.


Doctor Who Season Nineteen begins.

TARDIS information system.

The Doctor after his regeneration.

The Master captures Adric.

The TARDIS lands in a forest.

The TARDIS Zero Room.

The Zero Cabinet.


The Master in disguise.

Nyssa, Tegan, The Doctor and Adric.

Season Nineteen changes the credits from saying 'Doctor Who' to just 'The Doctor'.

That's the trouble with regeneration. You quite never know what you're going to get.
The Doctor

Peter Davison on Swap Shop.

Minister of Enlightenment.

Doctor Who Exhibition advert.

Doctor Who moves from its traditional Saturday time to Monday and Tuesday.

Trying to get Tegan back to Heathrow the TARDIS lands on a spaceship.

The TARDIS crew wearing helmets to breathe.

The Doctor throws a cricket ball at the spaceship to help him reach the TARDIS.

Monarch was the ruler of the Urbankan race. He planned to colonise the Earth with his people.

Monarch abducted humans and converted them into androids.

Dukkha appeared to Tegan in a dream controlled by the Mara.

Nyssa gets ill so stays in the TARDIS for most of the story.

The Mara was snake-like in its true form. It took on a host in their dream. Hosts of the Mara developed a snake mark on their arm.


Total Survival Suit used as protective armour for exploration.

Panna was from Deva Loka and was one of the few Kinda people to speak.

Doctor Who Target book poster.


Richard Mace was a highwayman and theatrical performer.

The Terileptils .

Terileptil Android in disguise.

A Terileptil Androids.


The Sonic Screwdriver gets destroyed.

1666 the great fire of London.

I feel as if you've just killed an old friend
The Doctor

Tegan, The Doctor, Nyssa and Adric. Publicity photos for Doctor Who Season 19.


The Doctor plays cricket.

The TARDIS lands at a railway station in 1925.

The Doctor?

The Visitation was the first pure historical episode since The Highlanders

The Visitation was only 2 episodes. Season 19 introduced the concept of having a shorter story per season which was rare.

Doctor Who 1982 Annual.

An exhibition investigating fossil remains.

Adric wants to return home and works out how to get back to E-Space.

An android controlled by the Cybermen.

Little publicity was given to Earthshock as producer John Nathan-Turner wanted the return of the Cybermen to be a surprise.

The Doctor traces the signal to a space freighter.

Captain Briggs was the commander of the space freighter.

The Freighter where the Cybermen are hiding.

The Cybermen take control of the freighter and plan to crash it into Earth.

The Cybermen capture the TARDIS.

Earthshock part 4 ends with silent credits.

Adric tries to stop the freighter crashing into Earth but a damaged Cyberman destroys the controls. Adric is left with no way of altering the freighter's course.

Landing at Heathrow the Doctor helps investigate why a Concorde disappeared.

The TARDIS at Heathrow.

The TARDIS is put on a Concorde plane.

Kalid transported Concorde millions of years into the past.

The ancient Xeraphin.

The second Concorde.

Kalid is the Master in disguise. The Master is trapped in this time zone.


Season Twenty

  • Arc of Infinity
  • Snakedance
  • Mawdryn Undead
  • Terminus
  • Enlightenment
  • The King's Demons
  • The Five Doctors

Doctor Who
Season 20 1983

The Doctor leaves assuming Tegan is happy to stay at Heathrow.

Doctor Who Monthly issue 71.

Doctor Who Annual 1982.


Doctor Who Season Twenty begins.

The High Council of the Time Lords.

Omega created the Ergon.

Tegan arrives in Amsterdam looking for her cousin Colin.

Omega used the Arc of Infinity as a gateway between his universe and the universe of matter.

Commander Maxil a Gallifreyan Chancellery Guard. When the Doctor resists arrest, Maxil shoots him.

A lot of Arc of Infinity was filmed in Amsterdam.

Omega takes the Doctors form but it's unstable and begins to decay.

Tegan falls under the influence of the Mara.

Lon, a Manussan played by Martin Clunes.

Dojjen predicted the Mara's return before wandering off into the wilderness.

On the planet Manussa a ceremony is being prepared for the banishment of the Mara five hundred years earlier.

You know how it is, you put things off for a day and next thing you know, it's a hundred years later.
The Doctor

Turlough is involved in a car crash.

While unconscious Turlough is contacted by the Black Guardian.

Turlough is a student at Brendon Public School where former Brigadier Lethbridge-Stewart is teaching mathematics.

The Black Guardian will take Turlough back to his home planet if he kills the Doctor.

The Black Guardians crystal.

The TARDIS lands on an empty starliner.

Mawdryn was trying to discover the Time Lords' secret of regeneration.

A transmat from Earth to the starliner.

Mawdryns ship the starliner.

Lethbridge-Stewart in different time zones.

Mark Strickson is cast as Vislor Turlough.

Inside the TARDIS.

The TARDIS attaches itself to a space liner.

Space pirates on a ship heading to Terminus.

The Garm lived in the forbidden part of Terminus. The Garm was in charge of the decontamination procedure for Lazar's disease.

A large structure in space known as Terminus.

The Vanir are armoured slave workers on Terminus.

After catching Lazar's disease Nyssa decides to stay at Terminus to help the Lazars with the cure.

This is your last chance, boy... KILL THE DOCTOR!
The Black Guardian

1983 K9 Annual.

1983 Doctor Who Annual.

Turlough sabotages TARDIS.

The Black and White Guardians.

A number of spaceships are taking part in a race through the solar system. The prize being Enlightenment.

Turlough uses the crystal to destroy the Black Guardian.

The end of the race.

An Eternal, Captain Wrack of the Buccaneer.


King John in 1215.

The Master returns.

Kamelion is a war weapon found by the Master on Xeriphas.

October 1983 - Revenge of the Cybermen becomes the first Doctor Who home video released on popular formats at the time including VHS and Betamax.

Show Years