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Show Years

BBC Audio continue to release TV soundtracks.

BBC Audio release new Sarah Jane Adventures soundtracks.

Torchwood figures in the same scale as the Doctor Who versions.

Doctor Who 2009 Annual.

Series Four Specials

  • The Next Doctor
  • Planet of the Dead
  • The Waters of Mars
  • The End of Time

Doctor Who
Series 4 Specials

The Next Doctor Radio Times.


Doctor Who The Next Doctor.

Time Squad series.

Miss Hartigan working for the Cybermen.

The Cyberleader.

The Doctor confronting the Cyberking.

The Cybershades serving Miss Hartigan and the Cybermen.

Jackson Lake thinks he's the Doctor.

I'm the Doctor! Simply the Doctor! The one, the only, and the best! Rosita, hand me the sonic screwdriver!
The Doctor (Jackson Lake)

Matt Smith is introduced as the Eleventh Doctor in a special Doctor Who Confidential episode.

Matt Smith on Doctor Who Confidential.

One of the first promotional images.

Cybermen figure series.

Vespiform Build-a Figure Wave.

Doctor Who DVD Files Magazine.

Doctor Who Magazine - Red Nose Day.

Doctor Who Adventures.

Daleks in Manhattan Airfix.


Doctor Who Planet of the Dead.

Malcolm (Lee Evans) working for U.N.I.T.

Russell T Davies talks to BBC Breakfast about the Easter special.

The Doctor and Lady Christina board a bus that passes through a wormhole to another planet. Planet of the Dead was advertised as Doctor Who's 200th story - the bus number 200 references this.

An alien Tritovore.

Captain Erisa Magambo from U.N.I.T.

The swarm, metallic stingray-like aliens.

Karen Gillan is cast as Amy Pond.

Torchwood Magazine - The countdown to Children of Earth.

The first Doctor Who Blu-ray release.


Torchwood Series Three begins.

Torchwood Radio Times.

Torchwood series 3 - Children of Earth.

Series 3 2009

Gwen and Rhys.

We are coming
Children of Earth

The 456 demands that 10% of each country's child population be handed over to them.

Team Torchwood.

The Prime Minister discussing what to do with the 456 alien threat.

...God knows we've tried and we failed, and now the time has come to choose. And if we can't identify the lowest achieving ten percent of this country's children, then what are the school league tables for?
Denise Riley

Torchwood Children of Earth Day 4 - Ianto is killed by the 456 alien in a shock twist.

For the first time in 28 years, Tom Baker returned to his role as the Fourth Doctor in a series of five thrilling audio adventures for BBC Audiobooks.

Doctor Who: Hornets' Nest.

Children of Earth DVD.


Doctor Who Greatest Moments.

BBC Three series taking a look at some of the greatest moments from Doctor Who.

The Eleventh Doctor's costume is revealed.

Doctor Who 2010 Annual.

Some of the SDCC 2009 exclusive Doctor who figures from Character Options.

Some of the 2009 DVD releases.

October 2009 the new Doctor Who logo and brand was revealed although the final version would look slightly different to the one shown.

The Sarah Jane Adventures returns for a third series.


The Sarah Jane Adventures Series 3 begins.


The Sarah Jane Adventures Series 3 trailer.

Sarah Jane
Series 3 2009

Goodbye, Doctor, until the next time.
Sarah Jane Smith

The Judoon are searching for an alien escaped prisoner, Androvax.

The Wedding of Sarah Jane Smith promotional image. This was the first appearance of the Doctor in an official spin-off show. This story was filmed after The End of Time.


The Trickster at the wedding.

The Trickster arranges the wedding between Peter Dalton and Sarah Jane Smith.

Mona Lisa's Revenge.

K9 makes a few appearances in Series 3.

The Blathereen family.

Blathereen game trailer.

The Sarah Jane Smith family after defeating the Blathereen family.

Doctor Who Magazine Sarah Jane Smith Special.

Elisabeth Sladen promoting the Design a TARDIS competition.

K9 promotional poster. The main cast: Darius, K9, Jorjie, Starkey and Professor Gryffen


K9 - Regeneration.

K9 premiered on Disney XD.

K9 fighting the Jixen.

Paul Tams and Bob Baker creators of the K9 TV show.

John Leeson recording the voice for K9.

K9 and Professor Gryffen.


Doctor Who The Waters of Mars.

Radio Times.

The Waters of Mars.

The TARDIS lands on Mars.

The crew of Bowie Base One.

Infected by the water on Mars.

Captain Adelaide Brooke.

exploration robot Gadget.

A Dalek looks at Adelaide.

Gadget! Gadget!

David Tennant and Russell T. Davies being interviewed on BBC News.

Christmas 2009, The End of Time teaser.


Doctor Who Dreamland.

Dreamland concept art.

Dreamland was a six-part animation starring David Tennant as the Doctor. It aired on the BBC Red Button and on the BBC website.

Radio Times Doctor Who souvenir book.

Quiz book.

This planet Earth Full size Weeping Angel.

Bernard Cribbins was honoured at the EA British Academy Children's Awards.

Radio Times, Death of a Doctor.

Christmas idents featuring David Tennant.

Christmas idents featuring the TARDIS.

Christmas 2009, The End of Time trailer.

The End of Time: Christmas day at 6.00pm.


Doctor Who The End of Time begins.

Promotional artwork.

The Doctor and The Silver Cloak.

Wilf and the Doctor.

The green-skinned Vinvocci.

The Doctor visits the Planet of the Ood.

This was the day the Time Lords returned. For Gallifrey! For victory! For the end of time itself!
The Narrator

The Lord President of the Time Lords.

The Master returns.

A mysterious woman helps Wilf.

The Doctor absorbs the radiation to save Wilf.

Promotional photo with David Tennant and Matt Smith.


Complete specials boxset.

Time Squad action figures with Build a Figure Master.

The End of Time toys, the Doctor (Matt Smith and David Tennant), the Master and the Narrator.

Tonner Dolls.

The Three Doctors Audio CD.

Sixteen 12 Cybermen Statues.

The winning design for Blue Peters design a TARDIS competition.

Doctor Who Magazine - Matt Smith.

Doctor Who Adventures - Matt Smith.

Steven Moffat the new lead writer and executive being interviewed.

The 2010 Doctor Who Confidential logo.

The new Doctor Who website from March 2010.

Jonathan Ross with the new sonic screwdriver.

The Eleventh Hour Radio Times.

Matt Smith building a TARDIS on Blue Peter.

Doctor Who takes The Tardis to Belfast and Inverness.

The Eleventh Doctor's 'Crash' Set.

The Eleventh Doctor's Sonic Screwdriver.

Series Five

  • The Eleventh Hour
  • The Beast Below
  • Victory of the Daleks
  • The Time of Angels / Flesh and Stone
  • The Vampires of Venice
  • Amy's Choice
  • The Hungry Earth / Cold Blood
  • Vincent and the Doctor
  • The Lodger
  • The Pandorica Opens / The Big Bang

Doctor Who
Series 5 2010

Matt Smith titles.


Doctor Who Series Five begins.

Amelia's house.

The TARDIS crash lands in the garden.

Amelia Pond and the Doctor eating fish fingers and custard.

The Doctor takes the TARDIS and arrives 12 years late. Rory, Amy and the Doctor.

Hello. I'm the Doctor.
The Doctor

The Atraxi.

Prisoner Zero.

Doctor and Amy in the TARDIS.

Choosing new clothes whilst convincing the Atraxi to stay away.

The Doctor and the new TARDIS.

So, all of time and space, everything that ever happened or ever will, where do you want to start?
The Doctor

BBC One programme titles.

The Smilers watching over the Starship UK.

The Starship UK built to carry the population of the United Kingdom.

The crack through time and space first appeared in Amelia's house. The crack was a recurring theme in series 5.

Liz 10 ruler of Starship UK.

Victory of the Daleks Radio Times.

The controversial new Dalek paradigm.

Victory of the Daleks poster.

Churchill summons the Doctor to World War Two.

The Doctor meets a Dalek.

The Daleks appear to be working for Churchill.

Doctor Who - The Adventure Games. The BBC start releasing downloadable games for PC and Mac.

The Dalek paradigm in Sheffield for a press launch of The Adventure Games.

The Runaway Train - BBC audiobook.

HMV Doctor Who exclusive bag.

Doctor Who: Kamelion Collecton Boxset.

Remote 13″ Dalek Drone.

Character Options flight controlled TARDIS

A new TV summer ident featuring Doctor Who and Over the Rainbow.

River Song leaves a message for the Doctor to rescue her.

A Weeping Angel prisoner.

Amy, the Doctor and River looking at the Byzantium ship.

A Weeping Angel, don't blink!

Didn't anyone ever tell you? There's one thing you never put in a trap, if you're smart. If you value your continued existence, if you have any plans about seeing tomorrow, there's one thing you never, ever put in a trap.
The Doctor

At a crucial cliffhanger moment an animated Graham Norton appeared on screen. More than five thousand Doctor Who fans complained to the BBC.

The Doctor gatecrashes Rory's stag party.


The Vampires of Venice.

Rosanna in Venice.

Refugees from the destroyed world of Saturnyne.

Amy is pregnant in a different reality.

The Dream Lord inside the TARDIS.

Doctor Who Series 5 Action Figures.

A mining facility in 2020AD Wales awakens the Silurians.

The Silurians go back into hibernation to help prevent a war.


Tthe crack absorbs Rory's body erasing him from time.

The Doctor meets Vincent Van Gogh shortly before his death.

Vincent and the Doctor.

An invisible alien known as the Krafayis.

Bill Nighy guest stars at the museum.

The TARDIS with Amy still inside refuses to rematerialise.

A spaceship uses a perception filter disguise.

The Doctor, Craig and Sophie. After being trapped on Earth the Doctor attempts to adapt to human life.

Character Options release an 11 Doctors figure boxset.

River Song escapes from prison again.


The oldest text in the universe, a message from River Song.

The Pandorica begins to open.

Exploding TARDIS by Vincent Van Gogh.

An old Cyberman guards the Pandorica.

An alliance of aliens arrive to capture the Doctor and imprison him in the Pandorica as they believe he will cause the cracks in time that will destroy the universe.

It's a fez. I wear a fez now. Fezzes are cool.
The Doctor

A stone Dalek.

The Doctor wearing a fez.

The TARDIS lands at Amy and Rory's wedding.

The 3rd Doctor's Sonic Screwdriver.

The Claws of Axos Set.

Blood of the Cybermen game.

2010 Doctor Who Proms.

Collectable programmes from the 2010 Doctor Who Proms.

Doctor Who Official Annual 2011.

Dalek Paradigm Action figures.

Karen Gillan.

The Sarah Jane Adventures Series 4 promotional image.


The Sarah Jane Adventures Series 4 begins.

Mr Smith.

The nightmare man.

Luke leaves for Oxford University.

Sarah Jane
Series 4 2010

The Shansheeth.

The Vault of Secrets sees the return of Androvax.

Jo Jones and Sarah Jane Smith meet for the first time as they're told the Doctor is dead.

Two robots were on Earth searching for the heir to an alien throne.

The Groske.

Ruby White fed off excitement in people's lives.

Nigel Planer on The Michael Ball Show promoting Doctor Who Live.

Monsters on Daybreak promoting Doctor Who Live.

Doctor Who Live, a stage show that ran October/November 2010.

The first Doctor Who Experience promotional photo.

Cybermen march in front of St Paul's Cathedral. Promotion for the Doctor Who Experience.

Channel Five in the UK buy the rights to broadcast the K9 TV spin-off show.

The Mazes of Time mobile game.

The Pandorica set TV advert.


Doctor Who A Christmas Carol.

The Doctor ventures to Kazran's past.

A Christmas Carol starring Michael Gambon (Kazran) and Katherine Jenkins (Abigail).

The Doctor meets some flying sharks.

Doctor Who Radio Times.

The Doctor Who Experience shop promotional image.


The Doctor Who Experience opens in London.

A short scene is recorded for Comic Relief.

2011 Easter Egg.

A message after Doctor Who Space/Time Comic Relief special.

Ride in Daleks for children.

Torchwood Starz poster.

Doctor Who iconic image from series 6.

Resurrection Of The Daleks figure set from Character.

Silence will fall.

Daleks patrol Kensington Olympia Streets.

Bif Bang Pow Retro Action Figures Wave 1.

Character Building Doctor Who Micro-figures. Series 1 is released.

Dr Who And The Daleks limited 7″ vinyl.

The 4th Doctors Sonic Screwdriver.

Character Options Series 6 figures wave 1.

Series Six

  • The Impossible Astronaut / Day of the Moon
  • The Curse of the Black Spot
  • The Doctor's Wife
  • The Rebel Flesh / The Almost People
  • A Good Man Goes to War
  • Let's Kill Hitler
  • Night Terrors
  • The Girl Who Waited
  • The God Complex
  • Closing Time
  • The Wedding of River Song

Doctor Who
Series 6A 2011

Radio Times cover.


Doctor Who Series Six begins.

A picnic at Lake Silencio.

The Impossible Astronaut.

An astronaut shoots the Doctor killing him before he can fully regenerate.

River, Amy and Rory meet a younger Doctor.


Amy meets a Silent. The Silence are a religious order or movement. Anyone who sees them immediately forgets about them after looking away.

A young girl is inside the astronaut suit in 1969.

Tally marks counting the number of times the Silence have been seen.

I'm going to need a SWAT team ready to mobilise, street-level maps covering all of Florida, a pot of coffee, twelve Jammy Dodgers, and a fez.
The Doctor
Thank you, sweetie
River Song

The young girl appears to regenerate.

Amy reveals she is pregnant.

The Siren was a virtual doctor from another dimension.

The TARDIS lands on a pirate ship.

captain Henry Avery.

The Junkyard TARDID part of a Blue Peter Competition in 2010.

A series of new Torchwood books are released.

Junkyard TARDIS playset.

Artwork for a K9 storybook.

Idris, Auntie and Nephew on an asteroid outside the universe. Idris becomes a host for the matrix, or consciousness, of the Doctor's TARDIS.

A cube containing a distress call from a Time Lord.

A junkyard TARDIS designed by a Blue Peter viewer.

Inside the current TARDIS.

Amy and Rory discover an old console room.

Nephew, an Ood.

The Doctor says goodbye.

A futuristic factory on Earth where human doppelgangers are used to mine dangerous acid.

The Rebel Flesh.

The Doctor suspected that Amy had been replaced by a Ganger avatar.

2011 BBC One Saturday night summer animation including Doctor Who.

Radio Times: Who's the baby.

Plush Doctor Who toys.

Madame Kovarian kidnapped Amy.

Melody Pond.

Demon's Run.

Dorium explains that the Doctor is gathering an army.

I have a message and a question: a message from the Doctor and a question from me... Where is my wife?

The Doctor and Rory destroy most of the Twelfth Cyber Legion whilst attempting to find Amy Pond.

Madame Kovarian is an associate of the religious movement the Silence. She kidnapped Amy hoping to raise her child to fight against the Doctor.

The Headless Monks believed in listening to their hearts rather than their minds.

The Doctor's cot.

Strax, Rory, Vastra and Jenny.

River reveals that she is Melody Pond.

Melody's name in the language of the Gamma Forests.

Doctor Who will be back with Let's Kill Hitler.

Teaser trailer: A skeleton hand.

Time runs out.

Character Doctor Who Ganger Flesh Set.

Doctor Who: Series 6 – Part 2 Blu-ray.

The Sarah Jane Adventures Series 4 DVD.

First look at the K9 figurine.

Torchwood: Miracle Day promotional photo showing Jack and Gwen.

Torchwood Radio Times cover.


Torchwood Miracle Day 8th July (Starz), 14th July (BBC).

Torchwood Miracle Day was a 10 part series funded by the BBC and Starz.

Series 4 2011

Torchwood main characters, Rex Matheson, Esther Drummond, Gwen Cooper and Captain Jack Harkness.

The Blessing was the name given to a pole of the Earth, going from Buenos Aires to Shanghai. By feeding it the blood of immortal Captain Jack Harkness it caused the miracle.

Web of Lies was an animated series. It was released online and on iOS devices alongside Torchwood: Miracle Day.

Torchwood Web of Lies.

11 Doctors Character Building.

Doctor Who Fourth Doctor Bobble Head.

Let's Kill Hitler Radio Times.

Dalek shot to promote the Doctor Who Experience.

Doctor Who
Series 6B 2011

Rory and Amy make a crop circle to get the Doctor's attention.

Amy and Rory's best friend, Mels arrives.

Mels demands the Doctor takes her to kill Hitler.

Berlin, 1938.


the Teselecta is used to locate people deemed guilty of crimes who had escaped punishment. It can change its appearance to that of any human.

Mels regenerates into River Song.

Teselecta Antibodies.

The Doctor, Rory and Amy realise River Song is Mels.

The Doctor researches his death date at Lake Silencio.

The Peg Dolls inhabited the dolls' house in George's cupboard.

Night Terrors.

Character Building Doctor Who TARDIS Console Room Mega Set.

Amy gets trapped on paradise planet Apalapucia in a quarantine facility for victims of a plague.

Time moves faster where Amy is.


A Minotaur in a prison ship.

What is the Doctor scared of?


The Doctor ends his travels with Rory and Amy.

Before the Doctor goes to the lake he pays Craig a visit.

A cybermat in a department store.

The Doctor finds work in a department store whilst investigating missing people.

The Cybermen try to upgrade Craig.

Cybermen in a crashed ship under a department store.

The Doctor notices a posted of Amy.

At the end of Closing Time the Silence and Madame Kovarian capture River Song and put her in the space suit.

When time stopped.

The Doctor searches for a way of escaping his death.

The eye patch helps River to remember the Silence.

Area 52 where River Song have captured the Silence and Madame Kovarian.

A captured Silence.

Amy kills Madame Kovarian.

The Wedding of River Song. The Doctor reveals to River that he is using the Teselecta.

Doctor Who?

The first question! The question that must never be answered. Hidden in plain sight! The question you've been running from all your life! Doctor Who? Doctor Who? Doc - tor - Who?!

Doctor Who will return Christmas 2011.

The Sarah Jane Adventures series 5.

Sarah Jane
Series 5 2011

The Sarah Jane Adventures series 5 cast.


The Sarah Jane Adventures Series 5 begins.

Sky, Clyde, Rani and Sarah Jane.

Sky is a weapon who will put an end a the war against the Metalkind.

The Metalkind.

The Curse of Clyde Langer.

The Skullions.

And the story goes on...


I've seen amazing things out there in space, but strange things can happen wherever you are. I have learned that life on Earth can be an adventure too. In all the universe, I never expected to find a family.
Sarah Jane Smith

BBC Books announce the launch of the Doctor Who Encyclopedia for iPad.

Worlds in Time is an online game set in the universe of Doctor Who.

Doctor Who Art of Death 11th Doctor Audio CD.

Matt Smith and Pudsey Bear. Part of Children In Need 2011.

Doctor Who 2012 Annual.

Doctor Who: Tardis / Dalek Tree Decorations.

Milk Chocolate Doctor Who Advent Calender.

Matt Smith and Karen Gillan star in the BBC TV Christmas advert 2011.

Radio Times for The Doctor, The Widow and The wardrobe .


Doctor Who: The Doctor, The Widow and The wardrobe.

The Doctor, the Widow and the Wardrobe. The Doctor posing as a caretaker greets evacuee Madge Arwell and her two children and leads them into a magical world.

An Androzani Harvester.

Trees are to be melted down with acid rain for energy.

The Doctor joins Amy and Rory for Christmas.


IDW Star Trek /Doctor Who: Assimilation2 #1.

U.N.I.T Files DVD.

Life size Character Building Dalek display.

Doctor Who The Eternity Clock.

Doctor Who Target Novel Re-releases.

Life size Character Building Dalek display.

Limited Edition Fine Art Print. Ken Trew's design for the Seventh Doctor.

Doctor Who Inflatable Daleks.

Big Chief Eleventh Doctor.

Doctor Who Electronic Sound FX Daleks.

Fourth Doctor official replica scarf.

Character Building Doctor Who Dalek spaceship set.

The Official Doctor Who Convention Cardiff 2012.

A revised Doctor Who logo. It appeared on the official website and social media accounts June 2012.

BBC Worldwide homeware range.

Jenna-Louise Coleman is cast as Clara.

The BBC tease all Dalek designs will appear in one episode.

The Doctor Who Experience in Cardiff building progress is shown on the official Doctor Who Facebook page.

A special mini script to screen episode inspired by the Olympics is shown on Blue Peter.

Matt Smith carries the Olympic Torch.

The first new photo of the Doctor and Clara.

The Doctor Who Experience opens July 20th, 2012.

The Doctor Who Experience Cardiff launch.

Doctor Who Magazine teases every Dalek will return in the first episode of Series 7.

The Tardis sound is heard at the Olympic opening ceremony.

The BBC release a movie styled poster for each episode in Series 7.

Pond Life a series of short adventures leading into Asylum of the Daleks.

An Ood helps Amy and Rory.

The Doctor tries calling Amy and Rory with no luck.

A striking promotional photo from Asylum of the Daleks.

Series Seven Part 1

  • Asylum of the Daleks
  • Dinosaurs on a Spaceship
  • A Town Called Mercy
  • The Power of Three
  • The Angels Take Manhattan

Doctor Who
Series 7A 2012

Each story has its own logo and theme variation.


Doctor Who Series Seven Part 1 begins.

Asylum of the Daleks Radio Times.

Rory and Amy sign the divorce papers.

Jenna-Louise Coleman's Doctor Who Debut.

Asylum of the Daleks concept art.

You want kids! You have always wanted kids, ever since you were a kid! And I can't have them!

Amy and Rory get captured by the Daleks

Rory in the Asylum of the Daleks

Amy and Rory realise they still love each other

Rory's dad Brian helps change a light bulb

Dinosaurs on a Silurian spaceship

Brian helps control the spaceship saving everyone

You think you can just bring your dad along without asking? I'm not a taxi service, you know.
The Doctor

The gang discover the dinosaurs.

The dinosaurs.

Solomon was a trader who tricked his way onto the Silurian spaceship.

Brian eating his lunch in the TARDIS

A Town Called Mercy.

The gunslinger.

Kahler-Jex performed experiments creating cyborg war machines.

U.N.I.T. break into Amy and Rory's house looking for the Doctor


Invasion of the small cubes

Whilst in the middle of Amy and Rory's wedding anniversary the Doctor arrives taking them back in time

Kate Stewart, daughter of Alistair Gordon Lethbridge-Stewart.

The Shakri were known as pest controllers of the universe.

Well our lives have changed so much. But there was a time—there were years—when I couldn't live without you. When just the whole everyday thing would drive me crazy. But since you dropped us back here, since you've given us this house, you know, we've built a life. I don't know if I can have both.

Amy and Rory explain that they can't just run away as they have lives on Earth

Brian realises that the Doctor, Amy and Rory need each other and encourages them to keep travelling

Paul McGann unveiled his new Doctor Who costume at a New Zeland convention in 2010. The new look was first used officially for Dark Eyes released in 2012 by Big Finish.

The cherubs.

Melody Malone.

The Angel sends Amy and Rory back in time.

Doctor Who 50th Anniversary Collector's Edition 2013 Calendar.

Rory action figure.

Doctor Who Appgear Game.

TARDIS computer.

Doctor Who Titans.

Royal Mail Doctor Who 50th Anniversary Stamps.

One of the first uses of the 50th logo.

Madame Vastra, Strax and Jenny help the Doctor. The Great Detective a Children in Need mini episode.

The Doctor Who logo in the new title sequence.

The Eleventh Doctor inside the new TARDIS.

The Snowmen Christmas poster.


Doctor Who The Snowmen.

New Doctor Who title sequence.


The Doctor talking to the Great Intelligence.

Snowmen controlled by the Great Intelligence.

Clara discovers the TARDIS.

Clara Oswald.

The Doctor realises Clara is the same person he met at the Dalek Asylum.

A map of the London Underground 1967. A key strategic weakness in metropolitan living if you ask me.
The Doctor

The Great Intelligence possesses the mind of Dr Simeon.


Doctor Who official 50th Anniversary logo.

BBC Worldwide 50th Anniversary official Website launches.

The Three Doctors Collectors Set 1972.

The Daleks in London to film An Adventure in Space and Time - February 17th, 2013.

Matt Smith - Red Nose Day 2013.

Harlequin Goldsmiths.

Anniversary prints.

Doctor Who: Plague of the Cybermen BBC Books.

Doctor Who 50th Anniversary Greetings Cards.

Harlequin Goldsmiths Celebrate BBC's Doctor Who 50th Anniversary in 2013.

Doctor Who £1 Capsule Vending Machine Toys.

Dark Bunny t-shirts Doctor Who designs

Summer Falls book.

50th Anniversary silhouettes used for a whole range of merchandise.

Series Seven Part 2

  • The Bells of Saint John
  • The Rings of Akhaten
  • Cold War
  • Hide
  • Journey to the Centre of the TARDIS
  • The Crimson Horror
  • Nightmare in Silver
  • The Name of the Doctor

Doctor Who
Series 7B 2013

Series 7 Part 2 poster.


Doctor Who Series Seven Part 2 begins.

Who's that girl.

Aliens invade the Wifi.

Run you clever boy and remember.

Spoonheads were robots created to help the Great Intelligence.

The Doctor finds Clara in modern day London.

The client is shown to be the Great Intelligence.

Miss Kizlet uploaded peoples souls to the internet for the Intelligence.

The Queen of Years was required to sing and then be sacrificed.

This alien would wake up the parasitic planet if the Queen of Years refused to be sacrificed.

Akhaten was a parasitic planet that fed on peoples memories and stories of sentimental value.

National Fish Fingers and Custard Day. Captain Birdseye mock-up.

The 50th Anniversary read-through.

50th Anniversary silhouettes used for a whole range of merchandise.

Doctor Who movies released on Blu Ray.

Doctor Who Adventures A Monster Day Out event.

Doctor Who Electronic Sonic Screwdriver Collection from Character Options.


Captain Zhukov of a Soviet submarine that was stuck under the North Pole.

The real Ice Warrior.

The TARDIS uses the Hostile Action Displacement System.

Grand Marshall Skaldak was frozen in the ice until a Soviet submarine crew found him.

An Ice Warrior ship returns to rescue Grand Marshall Skaldak.

The HADS! The Hostile Action Displacement System! If the TARDIS comes under attack, gunfire, time winds, the... sea, it... relocates!
The Doctor

Professor Alec Palmer and his assistant Emma Grayling are ghost hunting.


The Doctor tries to find out what the ghost is.

A creature searching for its companion.

The TARDIS is damaged and captured by an intergalactic salvage crew.

The Doctor threatens to activate the self-destruct if the salvage crew don't help him find Clara.

Clara finds and reads a book on the history of the Time War.

The Eye of Harmony.

Journey to the Centre of the TARDIS.

Only the perfect humans are allowed to live in Sweetville.

Jenny, Vastra and Strax discover the Doctor is caught up with the Crimson Horror

Mr Sweet. Sweetville is home for the chosen few that will help Mrs Gillyflower and Mr Sweet survive the coming apocalypse.

The Doctor takes Clara, Angie, and Artie to Hedgewick's World of Wonders a theme park in the future.

Playing chess against an old Cyberman.

Webley thought the Cybermen had been defeated.

The next stage in Cybermen evolution.

Hedgewick's World of Wonders ticket.

The Doctor has a secret that he will take to the grave. It is discovered.
A prisoner

Eaglemoss announce a new figurine collection.

Who am I? Radio Times cover.

2014 Doctor Who Calendar.

Clips of all Doctors are shown including the first stealing the TARDIS.

The original TARDIS form.

The Doctor goes to his grave as his friends are captured by the Great Intelligence.

Clara travels into the Doctor's timeline to save him.


The Great Intelligence and The Whisper Men.

The Doctor says goodbye to River Song.

The Doctor's grave on Trenzalore.

Introducing John Hurt as the Doctor.

To be continued... November 23rd.

Character Options start releasing figures in the new 3.75" scale.

Vivid Sydney, Saturday, 1 June.

The Prince of Wales and Duchess of Cornwall - BBC studios tour.

The Fourth Doctor Time Capsule DVD Book & Figure Set.

The first official photo of David Bradley playing William Hartnell in the First Doctor's costume.

Character options Doctor Who 12 inch British Icon Dalek

Doctor Who Mashems

Some of the cast and crew at the Doctor Who Prom.

Promotional image for the BBC Proms.

The biggest Dalek image is created at York Maze.

Colin Baker at the York Maze launch.

TARDIS lands at Heathrow Airport.

Lakeland Doctor Who Range – Make, Bake Exterminate.

BBC Doctor Who TARDIS set tour.

BBC Cymru Wales where Doctor Who is filmed.

New Cybermen at the Doctor Who Experience.

An Adventure in Space & Time TARDIS set lands at the Doctor Who Experience.

Doctor Who 50th Anniversary bear by Steiff.

Series 7 Boxset.

Character Building Doctor Who 50th Anniversary Micro-figures.

The Ice Warriors missing episodes get animated for a DVD release.

The Tenth Planet animated Cybermen.

The Tenth Planet animated regeneration.


Doctor Who Live: The Next Doctor

Peter Capaldi is cast as the Doctor.

Zoe Ball talks to Peter Capaldi on Doctor Who Live: The Next Doctor.

The BBC release a poster promoting the 50th Anniversary special episode The Day of the Doctor.

Doctor Who Mr Potato Head 11th Doctor.

The Doctor's Regenerations Deluxe Enamels.

Zeon Mugs.

Doctor Who 50th Anniversary 1oz Silver Coin.

Plush 11th Doctor.

Doctor Who bedroom merchandise.

The Day of the Doctor teaser.


Episodes from The Web of Fear and The Enemy of the World are found.

Philip Morris found 9 missing episodes from the 60s in Nigeria.

Deborah Watling and Frazer Hines at the press screening.

The BBC release a special trailer for the 50th Anniversary.

Behind the scenes of the special 50th Anniversary trailer.

Poster from An Adventure in Space and Time.

Help build the TARDIS

Worldwide cinema showings.

The Doctor needs you!.


Image of the 11 Doctors.

The Night of the Doctor saw the surprise return of Paul Mcgann as the Eighth Doctor.

The Science of Doctor Who.

Paul Mcgann returns in The Night of the Doctor

An Adventure in Space and Time on BBC Two.

An Adventure in Space and Time featured guest appearences from the original cast in the 1960s.

Filming Daleks.

Verity Lambert talking to William Hartnell.

Ian and Barbara from An Adventure in Space and Time.

Doctor Who Blue Peter Party.

50th Radio Times with 12 covers.

BBC2 The Culture Show.

The One Show.

Part of the Doctor Who 50th Celebration poster. 22nd-24th November 2013.

Show Years