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Show Years

Doctor Who 40th Anniversary Logo.

The BBC aired a documentary as part of the 40th anniversary celebration of Doctor Who on 30 December 2003.

Corgi Doctor Who figures.

Special Edition of Doctor Who Magazine.

Doctor and K9 released by Product Enterprise.

Product Enterprise went on to release a range of remote controlled Daleks.

The 40th Anniversary is celebrated on Blue Peter.

Christopher Eccleston is announced as the Doctor. March 2004.

Billie Piper is cast as Rose Tyler.

Doctor Who Magazine April 2004 cover.

The Cybermen from the Doctor Who Magazine comic strip The Flood.

Lost in Time DVD.

Doctor Who Magazine turns 25 years old.

Doctor Who merchandise available.

The BBC website is given a refresh.

The first Who Spy photo - a daily look behind the scenes on the new series. 18 July 2004

This is the camera that filmed the first scene of Doctor Who shot by the BBC in 15 years.

Doctor Who promotional postcard

Images of the new Dalek leak on the internet.

October 2004. The new series logo design is revealed. Also new documentary series Doctor Who Confidential is announced.

Doctor Who teaser...

broadcast new years day 2005.

Russell T Davies head writer for Doctor Who.

Julie Gardner head of drama BBC Wales.

Newsnight, can Doctor Who save the BBC on Saturday nights?

Doctor Who trailer on BBC One.

Doctor Who trailer on BBC One.

The new look DWM.

Doctor Who Radio Times

BBCi report that the first episode has been leaked.

Christopher Eccleston on Blue Peter.

Doctor Who Confidential: A New Dimension shown before Rose.

The BBC set up a number of spin-off websites tied into the programme.

Series One

  • Rose
  • The End of the World
  • The Unquiet Dead
  • Aliens of London / World War Three
  • Dalek
  • The Long Game
  • Father's Day
  • The Empty Child / The Doctor Dances
  • Boom Town
  • Bad Wolf / The Parting of the Ways

Doctor Who
Series 1 2005

Doctor Who promoted on the website.

Character Options are given the license to make Doctor Who toys.


Doctor Who Series One begins.

Doctor Who Titles.

Episode 1: Rose.

Title logo.

The Doctor rescues Rose from Autons.

Clive thinks the Doctor is dangerous.

Mickey gets duplicated by an Auton.

The Nestene Consciousness.

Inside the TARDIS.

If you really are an alien, how come you sound like you're from the north?
Rose Tyler

Doctor Who Confidential airs on BBC Three.

Doctor Who Confidential Episode One.

Doctor Who is an instant hit attracting over 10 million viewers for the first episode.

A few days after commissioning a second series Christopher Eccleston quits as the Doctor.

The host of Platform One.

The Moxx of Balhoon.

Tree of Cheem, Jabe‎.

Jabe scans the Doctor and learns he is a Time Lord.

The Doctor and Rose travel into the future to witness the End of the Work. They meet Cassandra the last pure human.

The host of Platform One.

Cassandra the last pure human.

The Face of Boe.


Charles Dickens.

Gwyneth working at Sneed & Company Funeral Home.

The Gelth try to survive by using bodies of dead humans.

The Doctor takes Rose back to London a year later than planned.

A spaceship crashes in the middle of London.

News reporter Trinity Wells.

Bad Wolf, the TARDIS in the Powell Estate.

Doctor Sato examines the alien from the spaceship.

The Slitheen family try to take over the world.

Harriet Jones, MP, Flydale North.
Harriet Jones

Harriet Jones, MP of Flydale North.

Mickey and Jackie.

U.N.I.T spin-off website set up by the BBC.

Radio Times Dalek cover.


A Cyberman head in a museum.

Henry van Statten an alien collector.

The Dalek creature.

A Dalek, the last survivor of the Time War.

The Daleks must survive!

Rose tries to reason with the Dalek.

Adam asks the Doctor and Rose if he can travel with them.

Satellite 5 a news broadcaster.


The Editor - A human servant of the Jagrafess.

Cathica acts as the computer processor for the systems that broadcast the news on Satellite 5.

Mighty Jagrafess of the Holy Hadrojassic Maxarodenfoe.

The Long Game episode guide.

Adam tried to gain all the knowledge he could about the future.

The Doctor takes Adam home but leaves the port in his head.

Rose persuades the Doctor to take her back in time to meet her father before his death.

Rose saves her dad causing a paradox.

Reapers are sterilising the wound in time.

The Empty Child BBC website homepage poster.


The TARDIS lands in London during the blitz.

Jack rescues Rose.

Dr Constantine is treating patients with gas masks fused to their faces.

Are you my mummy?
The Empty Child

The Empty Child.

John Barrowman is cast as Jack Harkness.

The TARDIS lands in Cardiff.

Margaret one of the Slitheen survived.

Blaidd Drwg nuclear power plant.

The TARDIS gives Margaret a second chance at life.

The Doctor lands in a Big Brother house.

The Anne Droid.

The Controller of the Satellite 5 game station.

The Doctor learns that the Daleks are behind the Satellite 5 game station.

The BBC aired daily trailers and a countdown before The Parting of the Ways.

The Dalek Emperor, a survivor of the Time War.

The TARDIS materialises around a Dalek and Rose.

Rose spreads the space station name Bad Wolf across space and time as a message to get back to the Doctor.

The BBC changed their website homepage to promote The Parting of the Ways.

TARDIS Emergency Programme One.

The Dalek invasion.

Saving Rose the 9th Doctor is forced to regenerate.

Doctor Who Annual.

TARDIS talking money bank.

Dalek Battle Pack original image.

Doctor Who Series 1 DVD volumes.

The BBC ran a trailer after The Parting of the Ways counting down to the Christmas Invasion.

Series 1 DVD Box Set.

Dalek Battle Pack.

Sonic Screwdriver toy.

Doctor and Slitheen Walkie Talkies.

July 2005, the BBC release an image of the 10th Doctor in costume.

17.10.2005 - Captain Jack to get his own series in new Russell T Davies drama for BBC Three.

Product Enterprise Retro Daleks.

Product Enterprise Movie Daleks.

The BBC record a short scene set after The Parting of the Ways for Children in Need.

The new Doctor.

Doctor Who will return.

November - Doctor Who wins at the Nationa TV Awards.

Character Options 12" radio controlled Dalek.

Christmas Radio Times.


Doctor Who The Christmas Invasion.

Doctor Who Christmas trailer.

Doctor Who Christmas cast.

Christmas promotional photo.

The Doctor and Rose.

The new Prime minister appeals for the Doctors help.

the TARDIS wardrobe.

Pilot Fish.

The aliens behind the Christmas Invasion are the Sycorax.

The Doctor challenges the Sycorax leader to a sword fight for the Earth.

Attack of the Graske an interactive game via the BBC Red Button.

The Graske.

Doctor Who The Beginning box set.


Doctor Who Exhibitions.

BBC Books Doctor Who.

TARDISODE - Mini episodes before each episode of Doctor Who.

Doctor Who products in the Argos catalogue.

The first wave of Doctor Who figures are released from Character.

Doctor Who Easter Eggs.

Series Two

  • New Earth
  • Tooth and Claw
  • School Reunion
  • The Girl in the Fireplace
  • Rise of the Cybermen / The Age of Steel
  • The Idiot's Lantern
  • The Impossible Planet / The Satan Pit
  • Love & Monsters
  • Fear Her
  • Army of Ghosts / Doomsday

Doctor Who
Series 2 2006

Radio Times.


Doctor Who Series Two begins.

April 2006 K9 spin-off is announced.

Torchwood info on Doctor Who Confidential.

Series Two publicity photo from New Earth.

One story says that just before his death, the Face of Boe will impart his greatest secret. He will speak those words only to one like himself.
Novice Hame

Chip and Cassandra. Cassandra is dying, to survive she needs to implant her mind into another human body.

Rose and the Doctor leave Mickey and Jackie.

Novice Hame a cat nurse.

Human test subjects so the Sisters can discover cures.

The Face of Boe.

Torchwood House sign.

Queen Victoria.

The werewolf.


Torchwood House. After the werewolf is defeated Queen Victoria knights the Doctor and Rose but banishes them from the British Empire. She then establishes the Torchwood Institute to help defend Britain from alien attacks.

I'm Dr. James McCrimmon from the township of Balamory.
The Doctor

Totally Doctor Who was a CBBC show that aired inbetween episodes of Doctor Who.

Mr. Finch, the headmaster of Deffry Vale School.


Sarah Jane meets the 10th Doctor whilst investigating a story at Deffry Vale School.

K9 gets destroyed.


Elisabeth Sladen on Doctor Who Confidential.

Torchwood is mentioned on a TARDISODE.

Totally Doctor Who presenters Liz Barker and Barney Harwood interview David Tennant and Joe Pickley from School Reunion.

The Doctor, Sarah-Jane, Mickey, Rose and K9.

The TARDIS lands on a ship in the 51st century.

The Girl in the Fireplace.

It is the way that has always been. The monster and the doctor. It seems you cannot have one without the other.
Madame Du Pompadour

Repair androids are opening ports in time to 1727 eighteenth century France.

Madame Du Pompadour.

King Louis XV of France.

First photo of the new Cybermen.

The TARDIS lands on a parallel Earth.

John Lumic owner of Cybus Industries.

Cybus Industries download.

Pete and Jackie have a dog named Rose.

The Cybermen.

Cyber Controller John Lumic.

We think of the humans. We think of their difference and their pain. They suffer in their skin. They must be upgraded.
The Cybermen

After defeating the Cybermen Mickey stays behind to look after his Gran.

May - Doctor Who wins a BAFTA. A black Dalek makes a surprise appearance.

TARDIS playset.


Watching the broadcast of the coronation in 1953.

The Wire.

The Doctor and Rose in 1953.

The Wire takes peoples faces.

Magpie Electricals Shop.

Street party for the coronation.

Welcome message.

Mysterious planet Krop Tor in orbit around a black hole.

The Ood, human slaves.

Toby possessed by the Beast.

The Doctor talking to the Beast.

The Beast imprisoned on the planet Krop Tor.

Love & Monsters was a Doctor 'lite' episode.

LINDA - London Investigation 'N' Detective Agency.

Elton befriends Jackie whilst searching for the Doctor.

Victor Kennedy played by Peter Kay.

Is it me, or is he a bit... Slitheen?

Ursula's face in a piece of paving stone.

The Abzorbaloff.

The Abzorbaloff was chosen as part of the Blue Peter design a monster competition.

The winning monster design.

Doctor Who Confidential creating the Abzorbaloff.


People get trapped in drawings.

The Doctor and the Olympic Flame.

The Olympic Stadium.

Planet Earth. This is where I was born. And this is where I died. The first nineteen years of my life, nothing happened. Nothing at all, not ever. And then I met a man called the Doctor. A man who could change his face. And he took me away from home in his magical machine. He showed me the whole of time and space. I thought it would never end.
Rose Tyler

Torchwood Institute logo.

Rose: this is the story of how I died.

Ghost Busters.

Torchwood One: Canary Wharf was built around a mysterious sphere in London.

Doomsday publicity photo.

The ghosts are Cybermen travelling from their world to ours.

Adeola working for Torchwood One.

Radio Times cover.

Radio Times cover.

The Cult of Skaro were in the sphere, a ship designed to travel outside of space and time. The Daleks and Cybermen meet properly for the 1st time on screen.

Daleks, be warned. You have declared war upon the Cybermen.
The Cybermen

The Genesis Ark a Time Lord prison ship.

Rose is trapped on a parallel Earth.

Mickey, Pete and Jackie in the parallel world.

Catherine Tate is cast as Donna.

Series 2 DVD Volumes.

Freema Agyeman is cast as Martha Jones.

12" 10th Doctor figure.

Doctor Who Annual 2007.

Battles in Time Magazine.

Series 2 DVD Boxset.

Series 1 2006


Torchwood Series One begins.

Torchwood Radio Times Cover.

A Weevil.

Iantos girlfriend from Torchwood One.

Torchwood Cardiff Team.

Suzie kills herself in a shock ending to episode 1.

Jack travelled to 1869 and joined Torchwood

The SUV.

Torchwood: outside the government, beyond the police. Tracking down alien life on Earth, arming the human race against the future. The twenty-first century is when everything changes. And you've got to be ready.
Captain Jack Harkness


Mary an alien exiled from her home world.

One of the first Saxon references in Torchwood.

Bilis Manger a servant of Abaddon.

The real Captain Jack Harkness. 'Jack' reveals he was a con man and stole his name.

Abaddon the Great Devourer.

The series ends with Jack hearing the TARDIS.

The Invasion DVD release.

Episodes 1 and 4 get animated.

Voice changer helmet.

Genesis Ark set.

Doctor Who Christmas Radio Times.


Doctor Who The Runaway Bride.

The title sequence gets a new logo.

The roboform pilot fish return.

Sarah Jane Adventures website.

A publicity photo for The Runaway Bride Christmas special.

The Doctor rescues Donna from a roboform.

How the Earth formed.

The Runaway Bride.

The Racnoss concept art.

The Empress of the Racnoss.

The Racnoss spaceship.

Mr Saxon gives the order to destroy the ship.


The Sarah Jane Adventures promotional photo for Invasion of the Bane featuring Kelsey Hooper (Porsha Lawrence Mavour), Sarah Jane Smith (Elisabeth Sladen), Maria Jackson (Yasmin Paige) and Luke Smith (Tommy Knight)

Bubble Shock created by the Bane.


Invasion of the Bane.

The Bane.

Mr Smith.

Easter 2007.

Sarah Jane Adventures titles.

Doctor Who birthday cake.

Doctor Who series 3 trailer.

Doctor Who figure releases ordered by series.

The BBC set up a myspace page for Martha Jones.

Series 3 Radio Times.

Doctor Who The Infinite Quest aired on Totally Doctor Who series 2.

Series Three

  • Smith and Jones
  • The Shakespeare Code
  • Gridlock
  • Daleks in Manhattan / Evolution of the Daleks
  • The Lazarus Experiment
  • 42
  • Human Nature / The Family of Blood
  • Blink
  • Utopia / The Sound of Drums / Last of the Time Lords

Doctor Who
Series 3 2007


Doctor Who Series Three begins.

Freema Agyeman.

The hospital where Martha works gets moved to the Moon.

The Doctor and Martha take a look outside.

Judoon spaceships land on the Moon.

A Plasmavore criminal hiding from the Judoon .

The Judoon.


The Globe Theatre in 1599.

William Shakespeare.

The Carrionites.

My sworn enemy!..
Off with his head!
Queen Elizabeth I

Queen Elizabeth says the Doctor is her sworn enemy.

The Doctor returns to New Earth where everyone is trapped in the motorway.


Novice Hame.

Novice Hame and the Face of Boe saved everyone by trapping them on the motorway when a virus in the Pharmacists' Bliss drug got released killing everyone on the surface.

You are not alone
The Face of Boe

Dalek Radio Times Cover.


Mr Diagoras was a servant of the Cult of Skaro who oversaw the construction of the Empire State Building.

Workers from a Hooverville community captured by the Daleks.

Inside Dalek Sec.

Laszlo a Dalek slave human pig.

Daleks take charge of the Empire State Building construction.

A Human Dalek, a cross between Dalek Sec and Mr Diagoras.

The Doctor takes Martha home.

Professor Richard Lazarus.

The Lazarus Experiment.

Young Professor Lazarus.

Martha Jones and her family.

The experiment fails as Professor Lazarus begins to mutate into a scorpion-like creature.

The TARDIS lands on a spaceship hurtling towards a sun.

The Torajii star could take over humans.

A real time episode, 42 minutes.

The Doctor climbing outside the space ship.

Martha phones her mum not realising she's being tracked by Mr Saxon.


The Doctor becomes human to hide from some aliens.

John Smith's sketchbook.

Martha is a maid at the Farringham School for Boys.

He's like fire and ice and rage. He's like the night, and the storm in the heart of the sun. He's ancient and forever. He burns at the centre of time and he can see the turn of the universe. And... he's wonderful.
Tim Latimer

Scarecrows controlled by The Family of Blood .

The Family of Blood.

The Weeping Angels have the ability to send people back in time.

The Doctor on selected DVDs with a message.

Don't Blink!
The Doctor

Sally Sparrow.

The TARDIS lands in Cardiff Bay to refuel.

Jack grabs onto the TARDIS.


Professor Yana.

The Professor opens the fob watch. His real identity is The Master

The Master regenerates.

The Master steals the TARDIS leaving the Doctor trapped.

The Doctor, Martha and Jack travel back to Earth using a vortex manipulator. A new Prime Minister has just been voted in.

What this country really needs, right now, is a Doctor.
Mr Saxon

The Master and the alien toclafane.

The Master and his wife.

The Master looking into the time vortex.

The Doctor describes Gallifrey to Jack and Martha.

The Valiant, a flying aircraft carrier used by UNIT.

The Master makes the Doctor look much older.

The toclafane are humans from the future.

The Master captured Martha's family.

The Master is shot dead by his wife.

Captain Jack and Martha stay behind on Earth.

The BBC announce Kylie Minogue will star in Doctor Who.

The BBC announce Catherine Tate will return to Doctor Who.

Doctor Who Series 3 action figures.

David Tennant and Peter Davison meet in the 2007 Children in Need mini episode titled Time Crash.

Series 3 DVDs.

Doctor Who 2008 Annual.


The Sarah Jane Adventures Series One begins.

Sarah Jane
Series 1 2007

The Sarah Jane Adventures team on TMI.

The Sarah Jane Adventures CBBC trailer.

The Slitheen return in series 1 of The Sarah Jane Adventures.

Warriors of Kudlak.

The Sarah Jane Adventures team.

The Trickster and the Graske.

Doctor Who Series 3 soundtrack.

Warriors of Kudlak story book.

I have learned that life on Earth can be an adventure, too. You never know what you might find! In all the universe, I never expected to find a family.
Sarah Jane Smith

Radio Times.


Doctor Who Voyage of the Damned.

The Doctor and Astrid Peth promotional photo.


Starliner Titanic.

Max Capricorn planned to crash the Titanic as part of an insurance scam.

Bernard Cribbins is cast in the TV series.


Series 2 2008


Torchwood Series Two begins.

Captain John Hart, a time agent from the future.

Torchwood Series 2 cast featuring Freema Agyeman as Martha Jones.

Torchwood Series 3 trailer for BBC Two.

Torchwood Cardiff 1918.

Rhys (Kai Owen) is given more of a central role in Torchwood Series 2.

Boeshane Peninsula where Jack was separated from his brother.

Torchwood Declassified returns for a second series taking a look behind the scenes of each episode.

Gwen and Rhys get married.

Torchwood call in Martha Jones from U.N.I.T to help with an investigation.

Jack uses a resurrection glove to bring back Owen.

The Torchwood Team.

The Night Travellers.

Jack's brother, Gray returns to get his revenge.

The new Doctor Who series 4 website.

Series Four

  • Partners in Crime
  • The Fires of Pompeii
  • Planet of the Ood
  • The Sontaran Stratagem / The Poison Sky
  • The Doctor's Daughter
  • The Unicorn and the Wasp
  • Silence in the Library / Forest of the Dead
  • Midnight
  • Turn Left
  • The Stolen Earth / Journey's End

Doctor Who
Series 4 2008

Doctor Who series 4 promotional photo.


Doctor Who Series Four begins.

Miss Foster used Britain's overweight population to create the Adipose babies.

Adiposian First Family Spaceship.

Rose make a surprise appearance.

Wilf and Donna.

The Adipose babies.

If you ever see a little blue box flying up there in the sky, you shout for me Gramps. You just shout.


Mount Vesuvius in AD 79.

Karen Gillan plays a Soothsayer.

The High Priestess was in charge of the Sibylline Sisterhood.

The Doctor and Donna save a family from the volcano.

The rock-like Pyrovile.

Planet of the Ood - the Ood-Sphere.


Return of the Ood.

Humans found the Ood brain. They then surrounded it with a telepathic barrier that allowed them to enslave Oodkind.

The Doctor and Donna save the Ood. They promise to include the Doctor-Donna in their song.

Martha summons the Doctor back to Earth.

The Sontarans, a cloned warrior race.

ATMOS (Atmospheric Omission System) created by Luke Rattigan.

General Staal.

The Valiant.

Colonel Mace U.N.I.T.

Luke Rattigan ran the Rattigan Academy, a school for geniuses.

Doctor Who Magazine.

The Radio Times.

Toys from series 4 of Doctor Who.

Donna, the Doctor and Martha arrive on the planet Messaline..

The Doctor's Daughter created from the Doctor's DNA.

Well, she's my daughter.
The Doctor

Martha befriends a Hath.

General Cobb leading the war against the alien Hath.

The Hath.

Cobb shoots Jenny. The Doctor doesn't realise that she is still alive.

The Doctor and Donna at a garden party with Agatha Christie.


Agatha Christie.

A Vespiform, an alien wasp who can transform into a human.

The greatest library in the universe.

Vashta Nerada, carnivorous creatures living in the shadows

River Song

Professor River Song dies saving the Doctor and the Library.

CAL was a computer at the core of the Library constructed to allow Charlotte's mind to live on.

River Song's diary and the future Sonic Screwdriver left in the Library.

The Doctor goes on a shuttle trip on the planet Midnight.

Donna stays behind at the spa.

The Doctor is possessed by an unknown force.

Donna meets Rose in a parallel world where the Doctor is dead.

I think so. He just didn't make it out in time. The Doctor is dead. Must have happened too fast for him to regenerate.
Private Harris

Donna and family watching the world fall apart.

Rose and U.N.I.T help Donna return to her own universe.

When Donna returns the TARDIS translates everything to Bad Wolf.

Planets including Earth are transported across space.

Searching for earth, the Doctor arrives at the Shadow Proclamation.

The Shadow Proclamation.

Dalek Caan flew into the Time War to save Davros.

The subwave network.

Harriet Jones built the subwave network to find the Doctor.

A Dalek shoots the Doctor causing him to regenerate.

Davros, creator of the Daleks.

The Supreme Dalek.

Another Doctor is formed from the regeneration energy.

The human Doctor stays with Rose.

Publicity photo for The Stolen Earth.

The Doctor is forced to wipe all Donna's memories of time with him.

Talking Davros toy.

Doctor Who Magazine - Who's Army.


The Sarah Jane Adventures Series Two begins.

Character release a range of SJA toys.

Sarah Jane Smith & Star Poet with Light-up Stand.

Rani Chandra (Anjli Mohindra) and her parents.

Sarah Jane
Series 2 2008

Sarah Jane Adventures series 2 team.

The Last Sontaran.

Day of the Clown.

An alien pendant takes over Clyde's Dad.

The Temptation of Sarah Jane Smith.

Sarah Jane meets her parents, Barbara Smith and Eddie Smith.

Mrs Wormwood and Commander Kaagh return to try and take over the galaxy.

Retired Brigadier Sir Alistair Gordon Lethbridge-Stewart helps Sarah Jane Smith.

David Tennant announced he was leaving Doctor Who live on the National TV Awards.

Character Options release a range of 18 inch scale Daleks.

I feel very privileged to have been part of this incredible phenomenon, and whilst I'm looking forward to new challenges I know I'll always be very proud to be the Tenth Doctor.
David Tennant
Show Years